Chapter 2                         BE—–(taken from Be Still and Know-by-sufi)

Be, to exist. To have being. What does it mean to be? In reality, the word be only applies to God. God is that which exists. God is that which has being. God is God, and exists without any partner in His existence. The being of God is One, without a second. God is the first and the last. God is first, existing without a partner. God is last, without any being, coming into existence after His existence. The existence, being, and oneness of God are eternal, having no beginning or ending. God is alone in His existence. God is the one alone, existing eternally, in a state of oneness, without a second partner in His existence, God is. The wise have said “in the beginning was God, and nothing was with Him. It is now as it was.”

Before creation only God existed. After creation only God exists. When God creates anything He says to it “Be”, and it is. God speaks things into existence. The word, vibration of God, exists as what we call the material world. In the beginning was the word. The word was with God, and was God. The word became flesh, and dwelt amongst humans. God and His word are one and the same. God is not different from His word. The secret of existence is contained in the word of God. The word became flesh. The word becoming flesh is the divine descent of the word, vibration of God, creating flesh, the material world. What we see as the world is none other than God. God has veiled Himself with Himself. Thus, looking for God is like a fish in the ocean looking for water. My teacher in Africa once said to me, “if you see something, without seeing the existence of God, your understanding of the oneness of God is limited.”

Ice, water, and steam. The body, soul, and spirit. Man, universe, God. This is the divine trinity. The oneness of God, existing in multiple forms. The multiplicity of being.

love and light—sufi….my book” Be Still and Know” is available on my website 786sufiwisdom on Squidoo

About Cheikh Sufi

786 Cheikh Sufi has a BS degree in Biology from St. Augustine’s College and a MS degree from Indiana University in Secondary Education. He is a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity. Sufi is an initiate of more than one sufi order and system of Self Realization. He is the first representative of his master, Serigne Saliou Mbacke, here in the west. He has traveled to Senegal west Africa 8 times, since 1996, to study the science of the inner path. He lived in Senegal for 2 years, from 2002-2004 , to complete his training on the mystic path. He has self published 11 books with more to come. He is the founder of MATLABUL FAWZANI INSTITUTE of online studies in Sufism, Arabic and Wolof here in the west. He provides the services of: sufi initiation, spiritual guidance, talisman making, spiritual blessing, magic/curse removal, and house blessing and purification. He is available for lectures, story telling and workshops around the country and abroad.

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  1. 786
    My love you. You and my Sun are my most respected teachers. You are the examples for my spiritual (developmental) efforts. eye thank Allah for you, Baba Qiyamah!

    • 786..al hum do li la…eye can still remember coming to you as my teacher on the path in 1996 before sunrise!!! eye am thankful for all the wisdom you have shared with me over the years….love and light—qiyamah..

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