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786…Advaita-entering the Non-Dual

Entering the Non-Dual                                            SRI SANKARA



Advaita 1

Advaita is a Sanskrit word meaning the Non-Dual. Advaita is a method for self-realisation.

The Non-Dual is often used as one of the countless words for” the Source”. Tibetan Buddhism calls Source “The Luminous Ground” or “Rigpa”. Zen calls it “The Buddha”.
All mystic traditions are aiming at realizing this true reality – the Non-Dual. But how is it to realize it? It can be expressed in so many ways, keeping in mind that no words can really express it. It is like being a neutral awareness that permeates and makes up all experiences: perceptions, feelings and thoughts – all that the six senses can perceive (the mind is the sixth sense).

When we know it, we know that it is the most natural and the most truthful. To live in separation, in duality, is not true and therefore painful. That is the reason why most people feel a longing for something real; we know in the depth of our heart that something real is missing.

Advaita comes from India and is maybe older than even Buddhism. Advaita has been made known through Adi Shankara (788-820) and in the 20 century by Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj and Poonjaji. Also, Ramesh Balsekar. Many of the present day teachers – like Isaac Shapiro and Gangaji – who are travelling the world, are also coming from the path of Advaita.

Advaita belongs to the tradition that believes in the possibility of transcending the mind through wisdom and understanding.

In Advaita I, the fundamentals:

  1. Atman (the I) is Brahman (the Absolute)
  2. All is Brahman
  3. Maya (Appearance)
  4. Neti, Neti (Impermanence)

Advaita II

There are basically three ways to transcend the duality between the “I” (subject) and the experience (object):

  1. Seeing the fleeting and impermanent nature of both the object and the subject (impermanence – see Advaita part 1).
    The observer (subject) and the observed (object) have no individual separate substance to be found. In the moment that is seen, there is a transcendence of both and one suddenly realizes that the true Self is playing both roles. That is the feeling of unity.
  2. Seeing through the object.
    This is to get  to know that whatever we fight with – for instance a feeling (the object) – in fact has no substance, no lasting reality. When that is realized deeply, we transcend the duality because without an object there can be no subject. They are relative to each other.
  3. Seeing through the subject.
    In this part we ask ourselves whether there is a separate me seeing the object? (Self-inquiry). When we realize that there is no one, again the duality is transcended and there is a spontaneous shift of perspective that we call an awakening.

All three methods ultimately make one realize the same truth. Before that shift, the same consciousness was identified with a thought (the “I”) and believed itself to be separate! Upon awakening, we realize ourselves to be that pure consciousness that is playing both the roles of the subject and the object. What a painful joke!

One of the methods of Advaita is to investigate – inquire – if there is a separate “I”.
In Sanskrit this inquiry is called “Atma Vichar”.

Advaita III

Ramana Maharshi said:

“One of two things must be done. Either you surrender because you admit your inability and also require a Higher Power to help you; or investigate into the cause of misery,
go into the Source and merge into the Self. Either way you will be free from misery.
God never forsakes one who has surrendered.”

Ramana talks about two kinds of Surrender, Direct Surrender, which is Atma Vichar,  that we mentioned already in Advaita part 2. You surrender the mind with the very question, “Who is experiencing this?” To answer that question, you will need to let go of the private mind and put your focus on the “I”. In Direct Surrender the mind is invited to do a quantum leap, so that the mind is transcended and we realize ourselves to be the pure consciousness that plays all the roles in what we call life.

On the other hand, Indirect Surrender is a gradual work on the private mind. Here, we work with Surrender to Source. It is a work with affirmations. Practicing Indirect Surrender, we slowly become more and more present in life because the whole idea of “wanting it my way” slowly falls away. Wanting it my way, is taking us away from here-now and the truth is here-now.


786…”keeping it REAL!” according to non dual advaita

786…”keeping it REAL!” according to non dual advaita


“Brahman alone is Real, and whatever comes from Brahman is Real. the Real cannot produce what is unreal. IT is THAT. there is nothing except THAT(Brahman). he that says there is something seperate, his delusion has not yet vanished. he is as one speaking in his sleep.” Sri Sankara- Crest Jewel of Ciscrimination- verse 230.

Brahman(God, Allah) alone is Real! lets keep it REAL…all esle is an illusion created by the mind. just as a rope is seen as a snake in ignorance, in ignorance the world is thought to be real. upon the removal of ignorance the snake is seen as a rope. upon the removal of ignorance the world is seen as Brahman-God-Allah. this is the view point of non dual advaita. All is ONE. “there is no spoon!”(the matrix)..  is the cup half empty or half full? from the view point of non dual advaita there is no cup!!! there is only Brahman existing in the form of the cup…it is the same with all else in existence. Brahman exist as ALL……

Whatever comes from the Real is Real…all know that Brahman-God-Allah is the source of All. not all know that Brahman-God-Allah is All. in islam the first prayer one recites when taking shahada is LA EE LA HA ILL ALLAH. this prayer has an exoteric and an essoteric meaning. the exoteric meaning is God is the only one worthy of worship. the sufis have found the essoteric meaning to be God is the Only Reality!!! thus the sufi and the non dual advaitist are sying the exact same thing. only Brahman-God-Allah is REAL…

 “the scripture Atharva Veda says this world is Brahman. All is Brahman. therefor all this world is nothing but Brahman.” in the Holy Quran Allah has said “where ever you turn, there is the face of Allah.” and you know for a FACT the Budhist dont belive this shit(the world) is real…..Brahman-God-Allah is Real, all else is illusion. The highest truth of all scriptures is that the true Self is  Brahman-God-Allah… “one who becomes Brahman does not come back to this ignorance. therefore, this oneness should be realized.”- Sri Sankara

let us all walk on the path of this REALIZATION….love and light—sufi

786…Dying to Love-Rumi

Dying to Love.

Die! Die!
Die in this love!
If you die in this love
your soul will be renewed

Die! Die!
Don’t fear the death
of that which is known
If you die to the temporal
you will become timeless

Die! Die!
Cut off those chains
that hold you prisoner
to the world of attachment

Die! Die!
Die to the deathless
and you will be eternal

Die! Die!
and come out of this cloud
When you leave the cloud
you will be in the effulgent moon

Die! Die!
Die to the din and the noise
of mundane concerns
In the silence of love
you will find the spark of life

— Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Balkhī (Rumi) – Love Poems of Rumi (edited by Deepak Chopra)

786… Mystic Lessons in Love- part 2

786 Mystic Lessons in Love- part 2

From beyond the world of Duality LOVE reigns supreme.

The second Mystic Lesson in Love is “One becomes two.” Knowing Love, the mystic knows ALL. Not knowing Love, the heart becomes a barren waste land for the weeds of despair, grief, and ignorance. God has said “Eye was a hidden treasure that wanted to be Known, Eye created this world so that Eye might be Known.” God-Love is the Creator of All. Love in its essence wanted to be known. Love(1) manifested itself from beyond the world of duality, creating 2 (lover and Beloved) from its lofty essence. Thus “1 became 2.” Beyond this plane of existence there is only ONENESS. From this side of existence the mind creates the illusion of a since of duality(2). From the view point of Love only Oneness is seen. The Ocean only sees the Ocean. It does not see the waves! Love polarized itself manifesting the yin and yang of lover and Beloved.

The relationship of lover and Beloved is a special Divine relationship. It is through the power of Love that the lover knows the Beloved. Knowing is Becoming. “One becomes two” is the essence of the relationship of Love, lover and Beloved.  Love sees and knows Itself through the mirror of lover and Beloved. The christian concept of the Trinity is an exoteric manifestation of the esoteric truth that the Father-God(Love), the son(Beloved), holy spirit(lover) are in fact one and the same Being-LOVE. In the beginning was the word(God-Love), the word dwelt amongst men(Beloved), and became flesh(lover).

drowning in the Ocean of Love


 lost all since of self

knowing no duality

existing as the ONE


saw the Self as All !

Love is a flame in the heart that burns All leaving only the Beloved. When two people experience true Love they disappear and become One. In disappearing and becoming One, the two people lose all since of self. When the since of self disappears the only thing left is GOD-LOVE. The way of the Sufi is Love. true Love of God leads to death and dying in God. Sufi master Bawa Muhaiyadeen teaches that “when you are there, God is not. when you(ego) are not there, God Is.”  I die daily that God may live through me as ME. The beloved prophet Muhammad(peace be upon Him) once said “die before you die.” In this process of death before death, the lover loses all since of self(ego-separation-duality) and is resurrected into the conscious Oneness with God. Re-gaining the lost consciousness of our innate Oneness with God is the purpose of life. A seed is planted in the ground to become a Flower. Man-Woman come to earth to become -realize-know-remember there ONENESS with God. It is as if God is playing hide and seek with Himself from behind the hiding place of YOU. In union with Love, by the power of Love, God-LOVE wins the game, and YOU(lover) no longer exist. Love reigns supreme! Love reigns supreme! Love reigns supreme! A Love supreme, a Love supreme, Allah supreme, Allah supreme…..

In the following  week we will discus the 3rd mystic Lesson in Love: Mystic dimensions of the Heart ……love and light—sufi


786…Divine Comedy

786 Divine Comedy
Hari OM tat sat hung!
Hari Krishna Hari Krishna!
Tayata OM Bekandze Bekandze !
Maha Bekandze!
Om namaya Shivaya!
Om Sri Sat Guru Amma Namaha !
La ee la ha ill Allah!
May Lord Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad Bless us ALL!!!
God Allah Brahman Jehovah Yahweh Is Laughing!!!
Laughing out Loud even….
Differences of religion make God Laugh..
SHE(GOD) laughs at religion that is man made
Jews and Christians study the same old testament but can’t get along
Muslims and Hindus worship the same 99 and 108 names of God and are killing each other
Black Christians had to go to the 2nd Baptist church
Because they could not get into the 1st white only one???
Some Muslims say the white man is the devil!!! LMAO
How could he be the devil when he gave us free nights and weekends on our cell phones?
Now you know the devil wouldn’t do that!
The people in Israel and Palestine are f—ing first cousins!!!
When will the killing STOP!!!
God is laughing! God is LOL!
God is CRYING !
Another sticker said “my karma ran over your dogma.”
Sufi Muslims get persecuted for saying “I Am God.”
Divine Comedy…
When is the illusion of racial and religious differences going to end?
God is like an elephant is a dark room…
“Ana kayrul min hum”-I am better than him
Said the devil the first racist.
Who the f— changed the word prophet to profit????
Here ye here ye come one come all!!!!
Religion is auctioning off the late great teachings of:
The Torah, Gospels, Quran, Bhagavad-Gita, Vedas and Upanishads
Man made bullshit
You spit in ya pulpit
Ya temple is simple
The Mosque is a masquerade for His-lam
Not Islam!
If Islam is Peace
How come they don’t have peace in the middle east???
Hari Krishna is all about Divine love….
Sufism is all about Divine Love…..
Kabala is all about Divine Love….
The Avatar Jesus was all about Divine love…..
But the Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Jews
Have turned it all into one
Divine Comedy…..
Please please please Allah bring an end to this

Divine Comedy…
Love and light—-sufi                                 

786…Mystic Lessons in Love

786….what is LOVE? if you ask ten people you will get ten different answers. Love is the most important thing in life, but often the most misunderstood. only a true Mystic of the Way knows what love IS. why you may ask? because to know something in its essence, one has to BECOME that which one wishes to KNOW. it is only the Mystics of the many different spiritual traditions that Become and therefore Know LOVE.

Love in itself is a mystery for all except the MYSTICS…..what 99% of the people call Love is not Love. in fact it is contrary and at most times opposite to what True Love IS. he or she buys me things, he or she is good in bed, he or she does what eye ask them, therefore they love me LOL. these definitions have nothing to do with the True Essence of Love. eye have even heard some people say “he only hits me because he loves me.” STOP…these false definitions of love are a crime in the high court of Love. we could go on and on about what Love is not. there are many examples of what Love is NOT. instead, today we are going to talk about “Mystic Lessons in Love.”

the first Mystic Lesson in Love is “2 become 1.” the essence of Love is One. Love is Union of Lover and Beloved. True Love is losing ones false Self and merging with the object of ones Love. on a higher inner level the universe is the objectification of  the (UNI)-One. That One is God. God is Love. from this view-point one will come to know that there is only One Being that exist, God. from this lofty view-point Love is an understanding of your ONENESS with ALL.  in REALITY there is not two that become one, there is ONE Knowing itself, as ALL. “2 become 1” is a realization that what we thought to be two-Lover and Beloved(duality) were in fact ONE and the same reality knowing ITSELF through the vehicle of LOVE…. this is the first Mystic Lesson in Love “2 become 1″.

lesson Two will be next week insha Allah..for an advance study of love please find and read” Bhakti Sutras of Narada.” this is an ancient treatise on bhakti/Divine Love…….if you have any topics on love you would like us to write on, we are open for suggestions. when the topics are finished eye will publish them as an e-book “Mystic Lessons in Love” on my webpage 786sufiwisdom on squidoo…..may we all grow and come to know these Mystic Lessons… and light….sufi…….

786…Divine Mind- U create your Reality!!!

786…Divine Mind- U create your Reality!!!

Divine Mind Shine. Your thought words and actions create/determine your experience/ Reality. the pre-sent is pre SENT by your past thoughts words and actions. Your thoughts determine your experience. All is consciousness/mind. On earth as it is in heaven. the inner meaning of this prayer is earth=manifestation, heaven=mind. as above so below has the same esoteric meanings/implications. All things on the physical plane(below/earth) first manifest on the mental plane(above) from the spiritual plane(heaven). The great Avatar Jesus has said in the Bible “the kingdom of heaven is within you.” the spirit plane(heaven) is pure consciousness. we shape the spiritual plane by our thoughts. All and everything exist in potential form on the spiritual plane. our thoughts/consciousness give shape/form to the potential realities that exist on the spiritual plane.

Divine Mind Shine. thoughts manifest in Time. Divine Mind does not make a distinction between so-called good and evil (duality). in the state of the Divine Mind there is only ONENESS. you reap what you sow. to “sow” means to plant ideas thoughts on the plane of Divine Mine. in time you will “reap” see in your life the actual manifestations of what exists in your mind, thoughts. thoughts of abundance produce abundance. thoughts of poverty produce poverty. Focusing the mind is like tuning into a frequency on a radio station.  when you tune into a jazz station you hear jazz music. when you tune into a rap station you hear garbage, excuse me rap music LOL….(eye am from the era of real hip hop:Tribe Called Quest, Poor Righteous Teachers, Rakim, Nas and KRS 1). back to the subject… would not expect to hear rock and roll when you tune into a nice jazz station. it is the same with our thought. we must first learn to tune into Divinity. learn to cultivate what eye call the Divine Mind. when we cultivate this Divine Mind, all other things will be added. “seek first the kingdom of heaven, and all things will be added.” later this year, God willing eye will publish my book ” Divine Mind- Creating your Reality.” in the Holy Quran God says “I do not change a condition of a people until they first change that which is WITHIN themselves.” think, act and most of all BE positive!!!love and light sufi—–

also look for my new website 786 Sufi Wisdom on Squidoo later this week. 3 of my books will be available there for purchase as e-books. also look for our new sufi daily practice book there…

786…Ancient Science of Self Knowledge-part 1

Svetasvatara Upanishad Source: “The Upanishads – A New Translation” by Swami Nikhilananda


That is full; this is full. This fullness has been projected from that fullness. When this fullness merges in that fullness, all that remains is fullness. 

Om. Peace! Peace! Peace! 

Chapter I 

1     Rishis, discoursing on Brahman, ask: Is Brahman the cause? Whence are we born? By what do we live? Where do we dwell at the end? Please tell us, O ye who know Brahman, under whose guidance we abide, whether in pleasure or in pain. 

2     Should time, or nature, or necessity, or chance, or the elements be regarded as the cause? Or he who is called the purusha, the living self? 

3     The sages, absorbed in meditation through one—pointedness of mind, discovered the creative power, belonging to the Lord Himself and hidden in its own gunas. That non—dual Lord rules over all those causes—time, the self and the rest. 

4     The sages saw the wheel of Brahman, which has one felly, a triple tire, sixteen end—parts, fifty spokes with twenty counter—spokes and six sets of eight; whose one rope is manifold; which moves on three different roads; and whose illusion arises from two causes. 

5     We meditate on the River whose five currents are the five organs of perception, which is made impetuous and winding by the five elements, whose waves are the five organs of actions and whose fountain—head is the mind, the source of the five forms of perception. This River has five whirlpools and its rapids are the fivefold misery; and lastly, it has fifty branches and five pain—bearing obstructions. 

6     In this great Brahma—Wheel, in which all things abide and finally rest, the swan wanders about so long as it thinks the self is different from the Controller. When blessed by Him the self attains Immortality.

7     It is the Supreme Brahman alone untouched by phenomena that is proclaimed in the Upanishads. In It is established the triad of the enjoyer, the object and the Lord who is the Controller. This Brahman is the immutable foundation; It is imperishable. The sages, having realized Brahman to be the essence of phenomena, become devoted to Him. Completely merged in Brahman, they attain freedom from rebirth.

8     The Lord, Isa, supports all this which has been joined together—the perishable and the imperishable, the manifest, the effect and the unmanifest, the cause. The same Lord, the Supreme Self, devoid of Lordship, becomes bound because of assuming the attitude of the enjoyer. The jiva again realizes the Supreme Self and is freed from all fetters. 

9     The Supreme Lord appears as Isvara, omniscient and omnipotent and as the jiva, of limited knowledge and power, both unborn. But this does not deny the phenomenal universe; for there exists further the unborn prakriti, which creates the ideas of the enjoyer, enjoyment and the object. Atman is infinite and all—pervading and therefore devoid of agency. When the seeker knows all these three to be Brahman, he is freed from his fetters. 

10     Prakriti is perishable. Hara, the Lord, is immortal and imperishable. The non—dual Supreme Self rules both prakriti and the individual soul. Through constant meditation on Him, by union with Him, by the knowledge of identity with Him, one attains, in the end, cessation of the illusion of phenomena. 

11     When the Lord is known all fetters fall off; with the cessation of miseries, birth and death come to an end. From meditation on Him there arises, after the dissolution of the body, the third state, that of universal lordship. And lastly, the aspirant, transcending that state also, abides in the complete Bliss of Brahman.

12     The enjoyer (jiva), the objects of enjoyment and the Ruler (Isvara)—the triad described by the knowers of Brahman—all this is nothing but Brahman. This Brahman alone, which abides eternally within the self, should be known. Beyond It, truly, there is nothing else to be known. 

13     The visible form of fire, while it lies latent in its source, the fire—wood, is not perceived; yet there is no destruction of its subtle form. That very fire can be brought out again by means of persistent rubbing of the wood, its source. In like manner, Atman, which exists in two states, like fire, can be grasped in this very body by means of Om. 

14     By making the body the lower piece of wood and Om the upper piece and through the practice of the friction of meditation, one perceives the luminous Self, hidden like the fire in the wood. 

15—16     As oil exists in sesame seeds, butter in milk, water in river— beds and fire in wood, so the Self is realized as existing within the self, when a man looks for It by means of truthfulness and austerity—when he looks for the Self, which pervades all things as butter pervades milk and whose roots are Self— Knowledge and austerity. That is the Brahman taught by the Upanishad; yea, that is the Brahman taught by the Upanishads

om aum- shared from

OM (AUM) ~ mantra & meaning

 OM…This syllable is the Highest. Whosoever knows this syllable obtains all he desires
 Katha Upanishad I, ii, 15-17

The literal definition of mantra is mind projection. It is a yoga technique that uses external or internal sound to create spiritual transformation. Repetitions of mantra produce vibrations within the individual’s entire system that are in tune with the Universal Equilibrium or Energy.  

Originating during the Vedic period, mantras are sacred words or cosmic sounds that were most likely used as hymns during this time. However, throughout the traditions of yoga, mantras have been utilized as meditative tools and consciousness-altering vehicles.

Of all the mantras, OM (AUM) is the most familiar in the western world…you have probably, at some point, chanted this mantra in your yoga class.

OM is said to be the original primordial sound from which the entire Universe has manifested. For many it is considered the sound of existence. In Hindu culture, OM is the purest name of God, the sound of the Supreme Consciousness.

OM is a sacred symbol and while there are many interpretations, it is always omnipresent, omnipotent and the source of all manifest existence. It is viewed as the symbol of the past, present, future and its sound is an infinite connection  to Man, God and the Universe.

To learn more about the history and importance of the OM symbol, I highly recommend Melie Ayme’s film The Mantra OM.  In the meantime, take a moment to enjoy Humanity Healing’s  beautiful video interpretation on the meaning of this most sacred mantra.

OM is the original and most powerful mantra. It is the primal sound of the Divine in its essential manifestation. In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was OM.  ~  From the Jivamutki Yoga School website

786…Memories of the Future….

786…Memories of the future
bring back visions of the past
eye exist in the ever present NOW

there is no spoon
prophets angels and etherial beings
appear in my awakened dreams
in deep meditation
a window opened between
Oneness is all that exist
beyond the individual “i”
lies a wide open sky
where there is no “u” and “i”
transcendental experiences with the Divine

caused by intense internal alchemy
beyond time
and duality
removed conscious lines
of separation
resulting in crystallization
of Being
seeing my astral body project
caused 3rd eye to reflect
consciousness to introspect
inner realms of Light
intoxicated by bliss
sat chi ananda sacredness
souls and spirit kiss
mystic vibrations raised
elevation of the sage
wings of lavender made
images appear in 3d
could not figure out
if what eye saw
was God
or ME ?
memories of the future


eye will never die
butterflies were not always butterflies
society lied
metaphysical principles applied
caused illusion to slide
shift view drift
inside the labyrinth
of Self
standing still
inside the eye of time
lost God-self find
covered by false teaching of birth and death
soul tears wept
upon seeing the ALL
beyond the lotus tree
7 circles of LIGHT
rotate harmoniously
simplicity perceived as complexity
ONENESS of the Epiphany
erased lifetimes of samskaras
awakening the Avatar…
memories of the future….love and light—sufi