786… Mystic Lessons in Love- part 2

786 Mystic Lessons in Love- part 2

From beyond the world of Duality LOVE reigns supreme.

The second Mystic Lesson in Love is “One becomes two.” Knowing Love, the mystic knows ALL. Not knowing Love, the heart becomes a barren waste land for the weeds of despair, grief, and ignorance. God has said “Eye was a hidden treasure that wanted to be Known, Eye created this world so that Eye might be Known.” God-Love is the Creator of All. Love in its essence wanted to be known. Love(1) manifested itself from beyond the world of duality, creating 2 (lover and Beloved) from its lofty essence. Thus “1 became 2.” Beyond this plane of existence there is only ONENESS. From this side of existence the mind creates the illusion of a since of duality(2). From the view point of Love only Oneness is seen. The Ocean only sees the Ocean. It does not see the waves! Love polarized itself manifesting the yin and yang of lover and Beloved.

The relationship of lover and Beloved is a special Divine relationship. It is through the power of Love that the lover knows the Beloved. Knowing is Becoming. “One becomes two” is the essence of the relationship of Love, lover and Beloved.  Love sees and knows Itself through the mirror of lover and Beloved. The christian concept of the Trinity is an exoteric manifestation of the esoteric truth that the Father-God(Love), the son(Beloved), holy spirit(lover) are in fact one and the same Being-LOVE. In the beginning was the word(God-Love), the word dwelt amongst men(Beloved), and became flesh(lover).

drowning in the Ocean of Love


 lost all since of self

knowing no duality

existing as the ONE


saw the Self as All !

Love is a flame in the heart that burns All leaving only the Beloved. When two people experience true Love they disappear and become One. In disappearing and becoming One, the two people lose all since of self. When the since of self disappears the only thing left is GOD-LOVE. The way of the Sufi is Love. true Love of God leads to death and dying in God. Sufi master Bawa Muhaiyadeen teaches that “when you are there, God is not. when you(ego) are not there, God Is.”  I die daily that God may live through me as ME. The beloved prophet Muhammad(peace be upon Him) once said “die before you die.” In this process of death before death, the lover loses all since of self(ego-separation-duality) and is resurrected into the conscious Oneness with God. Re-gaining the lost consciousness of our innate Oneness with God is the purpose of life. A seed is planted in the ground to become a Flower. Man-Woman come to earth to become -realize-know-remember there ONENESS with God. It is as if God is playing hide and seek with Himself from behind the hiding place of YOU. In union with Love, by the power of Love, God-LOVE wins the game, and YOU(lover) no longer exist. Love reigns supreme! Love reigns supreme! Love reigns supreme! A Love supreme, a Love supreme, Allah supreme, Allah supreme…..

In the following  week we will discus the 3rd mystic Lesson in Love: Mystic dimensions of the Heart ……love and light—sufi


About Cheikh Sufi

786 Cheikh Sufi has a BS degree in Biology from St. Augustine’s College and a MS degree from Indiana University in Secondary Education. He is a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity. Sufi is an initiate of more than one sufi order and system of Self Realization. He is the first representative of his master, Serigne Saliou Mbacke, here in the west. He has traveled to Senegal west Africa 8 times, since 1996, to study the science of the inner path. He lived in Senegal for 2 years, from 2002-2004 , to complete his training on the mystic path. He has self published 11 books with more to come. He is the founder of MATLABUL FAWZANI INSTITUTE of online studies in Sufism, Arabic and Wolof here in the west. He provides the services of: sufi initiation, spiritual guidance, talisman making, spiritual blessing, magic/curse removal, and house blessing and purification. He is available for lectures, story telling and workshops around the country and abroad.

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  1. soknahiman@gmail.com

    Love brings tears. Releases fears. Bears the burden of egos illusion…a malformed fusion. And love withdraws. Returning to its embriotic form…unborn. love, unknown finds its home in my heart. Forever.

    One Heart.

  2. Wonderful written peace

  3. Infinite Peace and Love to Man,Woman,and child. Start within!!

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    786…let there be love…tantric love….sufi ananda

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