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786…what is Enlightenment?

786… What is Enlightenment? Is it something you can buy on the internet for 19.95$???

If you ask 10 people you will most likely get 10 different answers. Enlightenment is the state of Being Awake from the dream of life. It is the state of being conscious of your ONENESS with God-All-Universe. The Illustrious Buddha has said “before Enlightenment chop wood. After Enlightenment chop wood.” Enlightenment is an experience that sometimes comes like a flash of Light. It is a sense of knowing Oneness through stillness. The experience cannot be communicated in words. In the Tao De Ching it says “those who know don’t say. Those who say don’t know.”

Direct In-sperience of the Divine

What we need is the direct In-sperience of the Divine. We will not KNOW God until we In-sperience God. This mystic In-sperience often takes place in a state called “the Between.” Between wake and sleep, between night and day, between the inhale and the exhale. once eye spoke with a Buddhist from Tibet, He was telling me about the Between state. It was amazing to see the same teaching in another tradition. As seekers of TRUTH and Self Realization, books and philosophies about God and the Self are not enough. what we want Gnosis (marifat). Marifat is the pearl in the deep ocean of Reality (haqiqat). The Direct experience of God is what eye call “the God In-sperience.” This In-sperience cannot be communicated in words.

Still the mind

Become One with Allah. The All. Duality is from the mind. Beyond the mind there is only One. ONENESS is all that exists. The philosophers ask the question is the cup half empty or is it half full? The sufi non-dual adviatist affirms THERE IS NO CUP… only Allah is Real. The Self is Allah. Learn to see Allah as the All and the Self as Allah. Uni-verse actually means multiple expressions of the UNI/ONE…man God universe ONE…

***taken from my book Branches of Wisdom-non dual advaita dharma . the complete book  is available at

from the Light to the Light with LIGHT. the root word of ENLIGHTENMENT is Light. “en” is a prefix that alludes to the fact of taking something in. “ment” implies that what is taken “en” must become firm like cement. ENLIGHTENMENT is the takeing in of LIGHT to such an extent that the Light become crystalized in our consciousness. the prophet Muhammad(peace be upon Him) has a famous prayer called “the prayer of Light.”  Muhammad concludes this prayer by saying “oh Allah turn my complete being into LIGHT.” the sufis have spiritual exercises that allow the traveler to increase their amount of Light. our cheikh, Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba teaches a prayer that is said after sunset that brings LIGHT to the seeker. this prayer is also called “the prayer of LIGHT.”  it is said in the sufi tradition that 70,000 veils of Light exist between man and God. as the sufi accumulates more Light, she travels through these veils, until the light of the soul unites with the light of the spirit in a form of mystical union. the result of this union is complete ENLIGHTENMENT…. living in the light of love—sufi

786…Finding and keeping the balance

in the Beginning God said “who passed gas in here! was it you Gabriel ?” LOL…but seriously, have you ever seen someone who was so spiritually gone, that they where no earthly good? true mystics have the best since of humor. we have all seen statues of the laughing Buddha. on the spiritual path finding balance is a must. often times it can be difficult for one who has beheld the highest spiritual truth in life, to stay on the ground where they are needed. when eye first started out on this journey, eye had visions of living under a bridge living off the earth.(the good old days) the sufis say “the one who has only Allah in their heart will have the world in their hands.” this is complete balance.


money is not the root of all evil. the love of money is the root of all evil. material possessions and wealth are only a problem on the path, if they inter into the heart. it is ok to have money and possessions as long as you are not possessed by money and possessions. so you may ask why do the spiritual teachings say renounce the world, give up everything if you want travel the spiritual path? the inner meaning of this is “do not hold anything in the heart or mind other than GOD!!!” Lord Krishna- Hari Krishna Hari Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hari Hari- says in the Gita “the highest yogi in not the yogi in the mountains dreaming about the city. the highest yogi is the yogi in the city dreaming about the mountains.” what good is it to go on a spiritual retreat anywhere, if you carry everything you left behind with you, as thought forms, in your heart and mind???

our beloved Prophet Muhammad (alay he salam)  said “be in the world as a traveler, and travel LIGHT.” becoming and BEING empty is foremost in the Buddhist dharma(teachings). one of my favorite sayings of the Buddha is “emptiness is form and form is emptiness.” we must become empty of all other than God without losing touch with all other than God. this is the balance! one of my sufi teachers in senegal, who was a very high master of the way, once said to me “God-Allah enters into the void.” when we become empty,  God enters. in fact, it is not that God enters, becoming empty removes from the self, that which was not allowing the light of God to manifest though us that was already there. when we become empty, we lose the ego and since the “I” exist. when we lose this false since of “I”, we begin to function from the view point of  “we”, not seeing ourselves as separate from others. remember we are all individualization of God who is ONE. in reality there is no “I” and “you”. there is only GOD…

love and light—sufi

786… the 8 Buddhist Awakenings !!! Om mani padme hung

PADMASAMBAVA-THE LOTUS BORN BUDDAH (HE was born 8 years old on a Lotus pond with no mother and father!)


786…Buddhist Disciples! At all times, day and night, sincerely recite and bear in mind these eight truths that cause great people to awaken.

The First Awakening: The world is impermanent. Countries are perilous and fragile. The body is a source of pain, ultimately empty. The five skandhas are not the true self. Life and Death is nothing but a series of transformations—hallucinatory, unreal, uncontrollable. The intellect is a wellspring of turpitude, the body a breeding ground of offenses. Investigate and contemplate these truths. Gradually break free of death and rebirth.

The Second Awakening: Too much desire brings pain. Death and rebirth are wearisome ordeals, originating from our thoughts of greed and lust. By lessening desires we can realize absolute truth and enjoy peace, freedom, and health in body and mind.

The Third Awakening: Our minds are never satisfied or content with just enough. The more we obtain, the more we want. Thus we create offenses and perform evil deeds. Bodhisattvas don’t wish to make these mistakes. Instead, they choose to be content. They nurture the Way, living a quiet life in humble surroundings—their sole occupation, cultivating wisdom.

The Fourth Awakening: Idleness and self-indulgence are the downfall of people. With unflagging vigor, great people break through their afflictions and baseness. They vanquish and defeat the four kinds of demons, and escape from the prison of the five skandhas.

The Fifth Awakening: Stupidity and ignorance are the cause of death and rebirth. Bodhisattvas apply themselves and deeply appreciate study and erudition, constantly striving to expand their wisdom and refine their eloquence. Nothing brings them greater joy than teaching and transforming living beings.

The Sixth Awakening: Suffering in poverty breeds deep resentment. Wealth unfairly distributed creates ill-will and conflict among people. Thus, Bodhisattvas practice giving. They treat friend and foe alike. They do not harbor grudges or despise amoral people.

The Seventh Awakening: The five desires are a source of offenses and grief. Truly great people, laity included, are not blighted by worldly pleasures. Instead, they aspire to don the three-piece precept robe and the blessing bowl of monastic life. Their ultimate ambition is to leave the home life and to cultivate the Path with impeccable purity. Their virtuous qualities are lofty and sublime; their attitude towards all creatures, kind and compassionate.

The Eighth Awakening: Like a blazing inferno, birth and death are plagued with suffering and affliction. Therefore, great people resolve to cultivate the Great Vehicle, to rescue all beings, to endure hardship on behalf of others, and to lead everyone to ultimate happiness.

These are the Eight Truths that all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and great people awaken to. Once awakened, they even more energetically continue to cultivate the Path. Steeping themselves in kindness and compassion, they grow in wisdom. They sail the Dharma ship across to Nirvana’s shore, and then return on the sea of birth and death to rescue living beings. They use these Eight Truths to show the proper course for living beings, causing them to recognize the anguish of birth and death. They inspire all to forsake the five desires, and to cultivate their minds in the manner of Sages.

If Buddhist disciples recite this Sutra on the Eight Awakenings, and constantly ponder its meaning, they will certainly eradicate boundless offenses, advance towards Bodhi, and will quickly realize Proper Enlightenment. They will always be free of birth and death, and will abide in eternal bliss.

(Original Translated by Shramana An Shr Gao of the Latter Han Dynasty, translated from Chinese into English by Buddhist Text Translation Society, City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, Talmage, California)

786…Traveling Man

 786…Traveling Man   


I AM leaving on a jet plane

  Eye don’t know if I’ll be back again

  Though one may conquer
a thousand times a thousand people in battle,
yet one indeed is the noblest victor
who conquers oneself.-the Dhamapada

   A light shined in the dark

    the darkness comprehended it not

I died a long long time ago

In a past life

Eye must have been Buddha’s wife

A tear of compassion fell from His EYE

And EYE was born again

Given the name Quan Yin

Sounds like Quinn

Worshiped as a divine Deity

People did not know it was ME

Eye made love with the 7 heavens

And Heavens 4th gate opened

Kissed by 3 immortal fish

Traveled through the dark abyss

Total recall

Hari Om tat sat hung

The soul vividly remembers this

Transformed into a luminescent light body

Traveled beyond the universe

Lapis lazuli crystal elixir created

Conscious Oneness with LOVE

Super nova

never fell from Gods Grace

behind this face

is HIS face

illusion of duality vanished

leaving no trace

la ee la ha ill Allah

holy hekka ancient Egyptian words of power

Arabic mantra

from ancient Sanskrit text

chanted from memory

all to see

the entire time

eye was only worshiping ME


The only Reality

how could this be

advaita mystic dimension

dharma time space suspension

invisible ultra violet traveler of light

in light upon 7 circles of light

to LIGHT upon Light upon LIGHT

traveling man…..

love and light-sufi

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786…The Divine Mother, Divine Feminine and the union of opposites!

786…The Divine Mother

last night eye had a talk with the Divine Mother

believe it or not

SHE was older than God

It was as if eye was talking to my great grandmother

We sat at the kitchen table

Drank tea

And had a heart to heart talk

Eye asked Her

How did eye become God?

She said

U ate the name of God

And became God

Last night eye had a talk with the Divine Mother

She was older than God…..

 Divine Feminine

Female Divinity is often times over looked. If the woman is not God, then no man is God!!! In the Hindu and Buddhist traditions the Divine Feminine is well represented. My master Cheikh Betchio once said “the secret of Allah is inside of the woman.” My mother was God. When eye started studying the 5% lessons years ago, eye came home and said “mom I AM God.” She said “I know that, just don’t let it go to your ego.”

EGO= ease God out.*zltiAcGLSRrUaUkOqoJBeBYaBIQox5wLvUcTZ9y27zYrRVgVd6mhKJ-pkf5Y801OlCJ-/shivashakti.png

From my studies of female Divinity, eye found it best explained in the worship of Shiva and Shakti. The Divine female consort of Lord Shiva is Shakti. Shiva represents the power of God that is transcendent, beyond this universe. When this power becomes active and creates the universe, that power/energy is feminine, and is called Shakti. The creative power of God is a feminine energy. An analogy to explain this is: Shiva is like an ocean of power that is motionless. When that power/ocean takes motion, the waves from the ocean are called Shakti. Thus God is still and motionless. When God takes action, that action is feminine, and is called Shakti

Union of opposites

The sufi path is a journey that takes place on the plane of the soul. The entire journey is a journey of soul transformation. In Arabic the word for soul is (nafs). The word nafs in arabic is feminine. So the sufi journey is of a feminine nature. The spirit in Arabic is called (ruh). Ruh in Arabic is a masculine word. The soul plane nafs is feminine. The spirit plane ruh is masculine. The prophet Muhammad said that “marriage is half of Islam.” This statement has a profound esoteric meaning for the sufi. The goal of the sufi is to reach a unified internal state where the (soul-nafs- feminine) is married to the (ruh-spirit-masculine).

In the ancient Egyptian book of the Dead it says “when the Ka(soul) is united with the Ba(spirit) man and God are ONE!!!

In Islam the outward representation of the unification of the Divine masculine(spirit) and feminine(soul) principals is the KABA in Mecca. The kaba of man is the heart. In essence, the Self realization of God, marriage of the soul and spirit, takes place in the Heart. Love and Light—sufi

786…Mystic Lessons in Love part 3- Mysteries of the Heart

786..Mystic Lessons in Love part 3- Mysteries of the Heart

The whole world is a market-place for Love,
For naught that is, from Love remains remote.
The Eternal Wisdom made all things in Love:
On Love they all depend, to Love all turn.
The earth, the heaven, the sun, the moon, the stars
The center of their orbit ends in Love.
By love are all bewildered, stupefied,
Intoxicated by the Wine of Love.
From each, a mystic silence Love demands,
What do all seek so earnestly?
“Tis Love. Love is the subject of their inmost thoughts,
In Love no longer “Thou” and “I” exist,
For self has passed away in the Beloved.
Now will I draw aside the veil from Love,
And in the temple of mine inmost soul
Behold the Friend, Incomparable Love,
He who would know the secret of both worlds
Will find the secret of them both, is Love.

— Maulana Farid-uh-din

In the Holy Quran God has said ” He indeed suceeds who purifies it(the heart).” The heart is the greatest of all mysteries in the physical realm. it is a doorway to the Divine. A window to the spirit world. The heart is the meeting place of the two worlds. The heart is the very Throne of God. when the heart is clear we receive the divine messages of spirit in our visions at night. an unclear heart blocks the messages from spirit that we receive while sleeping. in the Holy Quran Allah says “every night Eye take the soul unto Myself, and return it to the body upon the waking of the sleeper.” Every night the soul goes to what eye call “night school.” every night the soul receives impressions/lessons/images from the Divine. the heart is like a window for the unseen world/spirit plane. if a window is dirty, light can not shine through it. if a window is clean, the light shines though effortlessly. it is the same with the heart. when the heart is pure/clear the lessons the soul learns in “night school” are conveyed to the mind. if the heart window is not pure the images/lessons can not pass from the spirit realm to the mind of the seeker.

in the Holy Bible God/Allah has said “sometimes when Eye want to give you something, Eye give it to you while you are sleep.” in the Holy Quran, again God/Allah has said ” Eye speak to them from behind a veil.” the sufis have found this veil to be the images/symbols one sees in their sleep. the dream world is a map for the traveler of the path. the stations of the soul, and what level of the chakra system the seeker is at, are often conveyed in the dream world. with a pure clean heart these messages/symbols can be received by the mind to be interpreted by the traveler. On the path to Self/God realization the mind, heart and soul must be purified in that order. First the mind must be made pure, then the heart, and finally the soul. the HEART is the meeting place of the mind and the soul.

the Holy Avatar Jesus(peace be upon him) said “the kingdom of heaven is within you.” this heaven that HE spoke of is none other than the HEART. in the Upanishads the mystic hindu ascetics have affirmed that the dwelling place of the Lord Purusha in the body is the Heart. the way of the sufi is the way of the heart. Love is the ruler of the heart. when the heart is ruled by LOVE LOVE LOVE, there is no limit to the heights a spiritual seeker can reach. in the chakra system, the fourth chakra is located inside the heart. the fourth chakra is the seat of LOVE. on my first visit to senegal in 1996, my sufi master Cheikh Betchio(ya nafi yag Thioune) said to me ” the only one closer to Allah than you is the one who loves Allah more than you.”  prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has said that God said ” I can not fit into the heavens or the earth, but I fit into the hearts of those who believe in ME.”   may we all make the pilgrimage of the heart to realize and know the true reality of Love, God and the self !!!

“the closest place to meet Allah/God is in the heart” -Noble Drew Ali.

Eye once beheld a most beautiful effulgent LIGHT, about the size of a thumb, in my vision. the LIGHT spoke to me and said ” I AM a secret deep within your heart. know me and worship ME before you leave this earth.” love and light—sufi

786…God shows UP !!!

786… God shows UP!!!                               

one sufi master once said “eye spent 40 years talking to God, and the people thought eye was talking to them.”

today on the bus on the way to work God was there!!! there were two ladies on the bus having church this morning. WOW!!! this is going to be a good day eye thought. one of the ladies said “i cant wait for God to show UP. i cant wait for Him to come back.” now me being HU EYE AM, eye thought to myself, She is God! God does not have to come from anywhere! God is all and everything, OMNIPRESENT! out of nowhere (since they were talking about my favorite subject, God) eye said “eye sure hope God shows UP soon.” amen the two ladies said as eye got of the bus.

God shows UP!!! now this is real talk. eye just happen to be a GED/ESL teacher for the public school system in philadelphia. after the bus experience, guess who was in my class today- GOD….at the back table in my class 6 students started having church. 3 older african american women and 3 younger hispanic women to be exact. right in the middle of my class during “church”one of the younger sisters started talking about a dream she had where an older black women was talking to her about God!!! she said the lady in her dream(which she had about 5 months ago) was the lady sitting next to her who was preaching/teaching. OMG when she said that IT WAS ON!!! eye mean tears of joy, one older lady got the Holy Ghost and started speaking in tongues!!! you got to LOVE GOD when HE shows UP in any form!

being a mystic, eye love GOD in all of Her forms. eye love it when God shows UP like that in an unexpected place. yesterday on 52st, in da hood, a perfect stranger paid for something eye needed in a corner store without me asking. the brother just stepped up, pulled out some money and said “eye got you old head.” God shows UP! now eye will never know what made the brother want to pay for my stuff like that? but it touched me in such a deep way that eye could see that GOD IS THE ONLY REALITY.  God is beyond religion. God is beyond having just one way to worship and KNOW Him. God was on the bus this morning. God was in my class today. and yesterday in the corner store, God had on a musty dirty jacket with some sagging jeans!!! we must learn to see God when He shows UP! God is there in so many ways. if we could just slow down and pay attention. live and BE in the NOW. we would see God now! the illustrious Buddha one said “every instant in a chance for ENLIGHTENMENT.””  eye once said to one of my 5% brothers “A God. B God. C God”…love and light—sufi