786…Wisdom of Aham Brahmasmi

Wisdom of Aham Brahmasmi.


“You are not the body, you are not the body, you are not the body.” 

How can I be a mere body when I am Brahman, the Absolute?

and people repeat this mantra ….. day in ….day out ….

thinking I am that only…… for years all together …..

in the name of religious or spiritual practices …..

without any confirmation coming from within…..

so then what is a real path ?

Aham Brahmasmi (ah-HUM brah-MAHS-mee) is a Sanskrit sutra

whose English translation is “the core of my being is the
ultimate reality, the root and ground of the universe, the source
of all that exists.”

it is like mother and woman ……

a mother is a woman but woman is not a mother but has a

possibility to be a be a mother ……

so all humans has a equal possibility to be……. that only. 

research that possibility….. with sensitive prayers ….

so what is a sensitive prayer?

to make every work a worship ……perform every ritual of life

with love that is true spirituality……or a sensitive prayerlike for me to write this article is a prayer and worship of
work….so should be for all of us even to read it also…..so even
every breath should be a prayer and thanks to cosmic spirit.

we all bring this possibility in our closed hands as seed of love

….. to plant this into our world to make it a tree ofeternal
happiness …… this tree of eternal happiness is that only ……..we mayrefer as
GOD , ALLAH , OM, or name of our choice…..

for a seed to become tree is a transformation …..so also

for a

woman to become mother is a transformation ….and alsofor a
human to became ray of this universe and light is a

a seed loses it’s identity to merge in soil to became a


we have to lose our identity or ego to merge with cosmic
identity….. then only we can say in a silent wishper…..

that I am….. that only……. or …… Aham Brahmasmi

love all

(c) ram0ram …….. freedom to right copy and share.

About Cheikh Sufi

786 Cheikh Sufi has a BS degree in Biology from St. Augustine’s College and a MS degree from Indiana University in Secondary Education. He is a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity. Sufi is an initiate of more than one sufi order and system of Self Realization. He is the first representative of his master, Serigne Saliou Mbacke, here in the west. He has traveled to Senegal west Africa 8 times, since 1996, to study the science of the inner path. He lived in Senegal for 2 years, from 2002-2004 , to complete his training on the mystic path. He has self published 11 books with more to come. He is the founder of MATLABUL FAWZANI INSTITUTE of online studies in Sufism, Arabic and Wolof here in the west. He provides the services of: sufi initiation, spiritual guidance, talisman making, spiritual blessing, magic/curse removal, and house blessing and purification. He is available for lectures, story telling and workshops around the country and abroad.

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  1. Wise words, beautifully written. Thank you. hugs, pat

  2. One can see the true Self thru the mirror of the Avatar/Guru/Cheikh of his/her time period. The seer of the reflection is the true Self seeing its Self reflected back to HIM as the Avatar/Universal Man who contains all the attributes of God which are reflected throughout creation as the many attributes. This concept can also be found in the spiritual teachings of Bhakti Yoga, insan kamil teachings of Ibn Arabi, A.C. Prabhupada, teachings of Serigne TOUBA, hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, and ayat in the Holy Quran. We are submerged in this ocean of Knowledge, open up & drink it in!

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