786…at-tariqat(the path) a sufi poem

Walking on this path(tariqat) sometimes is hectic

it’s an uphill path

so trials should be expected

turn back

turn back the hands

of time

mind over matter

meditate to still the



clouds perception


are U in the right


death is a bridge that must be crossed

study the signs now

so u wont be lost

the spirit plane

vibrates faster


should only be raised

by a master

life is a game similar to chess

step away from the board

and u can C it best

tai chi, mantra, duality, yin yang

eastern philosophy, non dual advaita, I ching

return of the JEDI

opening of the third EYE

die b-4 u die

and become


this is the turning of the

7th wheel

the egyptian mysteries have been revealed

hidden wisdom for the masses

in Aquarius

rise up Sankofa

the phoenix shall fly again

eye am experiencing total recall

of higher planes of existence

before the fall

the matrix is real

this is a holographic universe

Einstein’s theory of relativity

must be reversed


experience the transmission

what will it take

to raise our condition

THE PATH—- sufi


About Cheikh Sufi

786 Cheikh Sufi has a BS degree in Biology from St. Augustine’s College and a MS degree from Indiana University in Secondary Education. He is a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity. Sufi is an initiate of more than one sufi order and system of Self Realization. He is the first representative of his master, Serigne Saliou Mbacke, here in the west. He has traveled to Senegal west Africa 8 times, since 1996, to study the science of the inner path. He lived in Senegal for 2 years, from 2002-2004 , to complete his training on the mystic path. He has self published 11 books with more to come. He is the founder of MATLABUL FAWZANI INSTITUTE of online studies in Sufism, Arabic and Wolof here in the west. He provides the services of: sufi initiation, spiritual guidance, talisman making, spiritual blessing, magic/curse removal, and house blessing and purification. He is available for lectures, story telling and workshops around the country and abroad.

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  1. Nice:)… You layered the meanings… Deep 11.

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