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786. . .the illusion of death


What would you do if you got a phone call from a close friend Hu “died” 3 years ago? Well that is exactly what happened to me last week! a sufi friend of mine, who in my mind, died 3 years ago, called me on the phone. as we talked, eye was saying to myself, it must be another person eye met in NY with the same name that eye forgot about. so eye asked the brother where do you know me from? when he said “I know you from Touba Qaside in harlem.” that’s when eye said “what the F—, is this Abdul Qudoos Shabaz? people said you died 3 years ago.” he said “what, that was the other Abdul Qudoos (may he have gone into the Light in peace) Hu died. . . .believe it or not the other Abdul Qudoos who died was also a sufi, so when news came back to me that Abdul Qudoos the sufi in NY died i assumed( make an ass out of u and me) that it was him.

Death is an illusion, especially in the case of my friend, it was mistaken identity. that is exactly what happens at the time of “death” for each person. people say so and so died, mistaking the false self for the true Self. the true Self is eternal, is never born and can never die. the true Self is an emanation of light from the Light incased in the heart. our beloved prophet Muhammad(peace be upon Him) has said “on the 120th day of conception an angel puts the soul(true Self) into the womb.” just as the soul/true Self was living when the angel brought it, the Soul is living when it leaves the body at the time of “death”.

“learn to cry when people are laughing , and laugh when people are crying.”- sufi proverb. “in death there is life, and in life there is death.”-Holy Quran. just as a baby thinks it is dying when it leaves the womb at the time of birth, at the time of “death” the soul is being born into another world that is more real than this one. Death is an illusion. . .

Peace and blessings be upon the soul of Maya Angelo as she travels in the Light!!!

love and light – sufi ananda

786. . .Sufi Alchemy 2 day retreat



From Love to Love with Love

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La ee la ha ill Allah Hu


786. . . The Butterfly Theory

Om Ah hung

yod he ho va

Om namaya Shivayah

La ee la ha ill Allah

Allah Hu

ya Hu



Butterfly Theory

if you blink, you will miss it

am eye a sufi dreaming eye am a butterfly


am eye a butterfly dreaming eye am a sufi

existing but not existing

yes and no at the same time

a paradox

imagine God not BEing God

imposible imposibility

man suffers from senility

spiritual agility

inconceivable spiritual ability

spirit OMNIpresent

yet existing in the present

soul plane vibrates slower

eye am you are

the All knower


eye guess this

may come as a surprise to you

living in total darkness


without a clue

to the real U

never born

before the womb

existing eternally

after the tomb

eye traveled between the space of sound

to a spiritual void

no time

no space




the space beyond space

eternal blackness


yes eye

vividly REmember

the space between the inhale and the exhale


the drop contains the Ocean

the wave returns to the Ocean

butterfly theory

En-LIGHT-n state of awareness


shadow-less Light form

from billions of years ago

in the blink of an eye

50,000 thousand years pass

less than an hour in a day to God

mind reverse mind stop

walls tumble

time and space crumble

walk like drunk munk

intoxicated stumble

ancient arabic hebrew sadskrit mantra mumble

vibrate like bumble

bees wings

brought back to earth

by the sting

when the witness

beheld the Witness

the only thing eye could do

was laugh


Butterfly Theory

love and light— sufi ananda

786. . . the 4th state of consciousness- Turiya


Ya Seen

wal Quran ul Hakeem

EYE have awoke from the dream

mind stop, time stop

motionless eternal stillness


multiple manifestations of the ONE

Allah Hu YOU

non dual NOT two

Only Allah can worship Allah

The master exist beyond the mind, in an eternal state of beholding the beauty of the One in its multiple states on BE-ing! Before creation there was only Allah. after creation, it is as it was. can it be that it was all so simple? the only thing that separates you from Allah, is the thought that you are separate from Allah. duality only exits in the mind. above the plane of the mind there exist an infinite pure state of Bliss, Oneness and stillness. this is the 4th state of consciousness- Turiya.

just as there is a tremendous difference between the awake state and the sleep state, there is a greater difference between Turiya and the awake state. upon entering the 4th state of consciousness, Turiya, the awakened One will see those in the awake state as sleep. this is why or beloved prophet Muhammad(peace be upon Him) has said ” all people are asleep, at the time of death they will awake.” in the Holy Quran Allah says “at the time of death the eyesight will become clear.” these two references to “death” are alluding to the sublime process of the “death before death” on the sufi path.

Death before death is the process of, bringing your square above your compass, symbolically dying on the cross, defeating the lower self and entering into the 4th state of consciousness in which the seeker becomes “dead” to the illusionary concepts of duality and separation from Allah.

the way of the sufi is death, extinction(FANA) in Allah, through the prophet Muhammad alay he salam and the living master/Cheikh. this symbolic death will bring one to the fourth state of consciousness- Turiya. “mute ta qabla mute-die b4 you die.”- Prophet Muhammad

question for disciples: what is the best way to “die before you die”? post your answers and responses in the comments below.

love, light, abundance now – qiyamah abdallah Salihu – sufi ananda