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786. . .special prayer for Opening Divine Assistance

if you don’t know, you will KNOW!!!

Saliou Thioune

This is a zikr from on high, above the clouds. It removes ALL obstacles for advancement on the path. It destroys negative karma(sin), opens the doors to ABUNDANCE, and removes the blocks to afia (well being). If done correctly, with the right intention, it will bring prosperity to the seeker. It must be recited everyday during Ramadan, and every Monday and Thursday after Ramadan insha Allah. it is called:
The wird for the opening of Divine Assistance
Al wirdul Fatahul Nasri

During the day recite

Barkay Serigne Saliou 7x

1. ah stog fur Allah 174x (I seek the forgiveness of Allah)

2. salatul Fati 174x

Allah huma sali ala saydee na Muhammad

al fati he lee ma oog le ka

wal ka tee me lee ma saba ka

nasi reel haqqi bill haqqi

wal hadi ee la see ra te kal moos ta keem

wa ala ali he, haqa qad ree he

wal mik dar re hill ahtheem

3. Ya Hayyu Ya Qayoom 174x (Oh Living Oh Self Existing One)

4. Salatul Fati 1x

After sunset recite

Barkay Serigne Saliou 7x

1. La ee la ha ill la anta, supana ka ee nee koon toom me nal ah thal lee meen 174x

There is none worthy of worship but You, surely I am of those who have wronged themselves

2. ya La hu, ya mu qalib al kulubi, qalib kulu bana anil oo you be 174x

Oh Allah, oh turner of hearts, turn my heart from the attraction to sin.

3. Ya Hayyu Ya Qayoom 174x (Oh Living Oh Self Existing One)

4. Salatul Fati 1x

This wird is for members of our sufi order. if you are not a member of our tariqat and want to use this special wird please send an email to and ask for permission to use this powerful prayer.

This wird must be started during the 1st 3 days of Ramadan. may Allah guide us to success.

yes it started to rain as eye was revealing this wird to the public.


love and light – Qiyamah Abdallah Salihu – sufi

786. . . What if God was one of us?

Eye was once asked by a student “does God talk to you?” eye responded with a smile “the question is not does God talk to us, the question is do you hear God when SHE is talking! ” God is all-ways speaking/talking to YOU. everything in creation is an ayat (sign) from God. we in the west are often times toooo captivated my the illusion of duality/bling to hear the voice of God in our every day lives. God is the eternal living ONE, Hu has the power of sight, hearing and speech. Eye would not worship a God that did not “talk” to me directly through my heart.

When the prophet Abraham was a young child, he went into the temple and smashed all of the idols/statues, leaving the tallest one standing. when the priest came and saw this, the priest asked him “Hu destroyed all of our gods?” Abraham told him “ask the tall statue?” the priest got angry and said “you know he cant talk.” Abraham replied “why would your worship something that can talk to you?”

Eye recently heard the song “What if God was one of us” for the 1st time and the lyrics surprised me, because eye have seen God, and heard His voice on the bus several times! once on the way to Atlanta for a sufi circle there was a “drunk” man on the back of the bus HU was intoxicated with God. between his sleeping and waking he would talk with himself in the 3rd person about verses from the Bible and the Quran. at one point in his conversation Jesus was talking to Muhammad and the people on the bus where laughing saying this man must be real “drunk.”

What if God was one of us, just a stranger on the bus.

love, light, abundance – sufi ananda

786. . .”You are God” or “Fuck you bitch”

. . . . . . .in a world of insanity one must appear “insane” to be “sane.”

sufi OM sat chi ananda

this one may start SOME trouble but eye have the freedom of speech so please don’t get offended BECAUSE this is what happen TODAY!!!! SO IT REALY started yesterday. on eye way to work yesterday morning eye saw the words “You are God” written in very bold  black ink on the subway station wall at Broad and Hunting park in phily. so eye thought to myself tomorrow insha Allah eye will take a picture of these beautiful words and do a blog called YOU ARE GOD!!! guess what, today when eye was at the same station stop, someone erased the words “You are God” and wrote the words “Fuck you bitch.” wtf, smh,

now eye don’t know what to title this blog!!! so please tell me which words  you would rather see/read on the subway wall “You are God” or “Fuck you bitch.”

love and light- sufi ananda


786. . .U are N prison !

You are in prison. Please listen to our beloved master Bawa Muhaiyadeen’s discourse “you are in prison.” The whole universe is in your mind. When the mind disappears, where in the universe?
You are in the prison of you mind. You spent the first 9 months of prison in the womb. Then you were born in to the prison of the 4th. Dimension, this world. Then you entered into the prison of your race, gender and the prison of your family. You where also born into the prison of the religion of your family. Then you entered into the prison of school. After school you entered into the jailhouse of your job. Then you entered into the prison of your wife, husband, and children. Then you entered into the prison of old age and sickness. Finally you will enter into the prison of death. And as Bawa Muhaiyadeen said, it is not known weather or not after death you will enter into the prison of heaven, or hell.
There is a way out of these many prisons. In order to break out of prison, you must have something that is from beyond the prison walls that can take you outside of the prison to freedom. The key to break out of prison is:

LA EE LA HA ILL ALLAH (God is the ONLY reality)… These words of power, this meditation is from beyond the walls of the many prisons we are in. They are from beyond this world and the next world. Use these words of Realization and freedom to break out of prison. LA EE LA HA ILL ALLAH means only Allah/God is Real. Say these words over, and over until they become rooted in your heart, soul, mind and body. When you can say these words with every breath, you will be free from prison…

The Self is Luminous. If you do not see Allah and know Allah within your Self, you will never see and know Allah. Today i was at the Bawa Muhaiyadeen Fellowship in Philly. i had a deep deep deep conversation with Cheikh Muhaiyadeen in the meeting room. His talk is always on the level of haqiqat and marifat. At the end of the talk with me i went into a transcendental state and screamed “Allah” in a very loud voice. i got up and walked out on the room saying, Allah, Allah, Allah…. What he said to me cannot be repeated here… Just know that we are all living in a dream world far from the Divine reality. Our lives have become stages for illusion, false hood, and the race for hell and lower desires. If we do not wake up before we are woke up, it will be the end of a long long dream that was only dust in the wind. i am begging all of my readers to do as i did. Find a living master, and sit at his or her feet until you experience death before death. Please, please, please try to find a living master who can breath the spark of Divinity directly into your soul, and wake U up from the nightmare illusion dream that you call your life…

question for disciples- what is the best way to break out of prison? ? ?

love and light- sufi ananda                                                           2 day Sufi Alchemy retreat 4th of July weekend. . .

786. . .Sufi Alchemy 2 day retreat

786. . .this retreat is a 1st of its kind. . .love and light – sufi ananda




From Love to Love with Love

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La ee la ha ill Allah Hu


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