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The Walled Garden of Truth by Hakim Sanai

786. . .True Mystic Sufi Wisdom….

Blessings of Light


We tried reasoning
our way to Him:
it did not work;
but the moment we gave up,
no obstacle remained.

He introduced himself to us
out of kindness: how else
could we have known him?
Reason took us as far as the door;
but it was his presence that let us in.

But how will you ever know him,
as long as you are unable
to know yourself?

Once one is one,
no more, no less:
error begins with duality;
unity knows no error.

The road your self must journey on
lies in polishing the heart.
It is not by rebellion and discord
that the heart’s mirror is polished free
of the rust of hypocrisy and unbelief:
your mirror is polished by your certitude –
by the unalloyed purity of your faith.

Break free
from your chains you have forged about yourself;
for you will be free when you are…

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786. . . The coffee was Free !


The essence of your mind does not exist as stillness or thinking.

All phenomena that appear are merely the unobstructed

manifestation of the display of your mind.


Some times in life, the coffee is FREE! Last night eye was returning to philly from a sufi lecture and zikr circle we were invited to give in Boston. While switching buses in NY at about 11pm eye went for a cup of coffee in china town. Because of the way eye was dressed the man behind the counter, in a deep indian accent asked me with a puzzled look on his face, “where are Hu from?” eye smiled and said as eye all ways do when asked this question “eye am from Allah, where are you from brother?” even more confused he said “i am from india, i was asking you where are you from, but you said Allah/God?” my response was “arnt we all from God?” the elderly man smiled and said “Hari Krishna yes, yes, yes we are all from God. Shiva Ram, your coffee is FREE today my friend.”

in the Quran Allah says “surely reminding is good for the believers.” My answer to his question was a reminder to him to all ways remember and focus on God and not the outer appearance of race, religion or culture. The mind creates duality and differences. But the essence of all is God. Allah is the substratum of every atom. in fact the word Adam in arabic, on an inner level, means something that does not exist. in reality we do not exist with a Self separate from God. this is why in Tibetan Buddhism they teach there is NO self. Is the essence of the wave different from the essence of the Ocean? God is the Omnipresent Ocean of Bliss, we exist as waves from the Ocean of God……. when you know this, the coffee(mind) is Free! love and light- Cheikh Salihu – sufi

786… If its not burned in fire, its NOT gold!


From a caterpillar to a rose quartz Butterfly of Bliss

in the blink of an eye


from the coal

of the lowest level of soul

the diamond spirit was forged

Ka merged with Ba

in the heart of Mecca

eternal internal

all powerful elixir of Love

changed base medals into gold

mans qualities MUST become

the 99 attributes/names of God

in search of the miraculous

with the force of an earthquake

the Cheikh will shake

the shit out of you

turning the disciple

into a master

Saliou Thioune

eye have seen way way way 2 much

lost touch with the illusion

funeral of the lower self

gave birth to God


beyond the spider web matrix of

mind emotions falsehood and lies



above the clouds

the sky is my sofa

sophia sufi safa

wisdom love purity

Light upon Light

higher self manifest

the secret of Allah is inside a pure woman

if its not burned in fire

its not Gold

love and light

———– Cheikh Salihu – sufi