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786. . . Sufi Circle of Light today in Delaware !


786… Sacred Sex-Tantra

In the ancient Egyptian book of the Dead it says “when the Ka(soul-masculine) is united with the Ba(spirit-feminine) man and God are ONE!! Sex in and of itself is a sacred act. some would venture to say, when used in its proper context, it is one of the highest acts of worship. Sex in the west has been given a negative image. in eastern cultures this is not the case. in Egyptian, Hindu and Buddhist Temples you often see images of the Deities in sexual embrace with their divine consort. in islamic mystical doctrines it is said that before the creation of the universe Allah polarized His light producing two lights. the light of Jamal(beauty) which was of a feminine nature, and the light of Jalal(majesty) which was of a masculine nature. these two lights made love in the heavens giving birth to the Light of our beloved prophet Muhammad(peace be upon HIm). the Light of Muhammad took the form of a peacock and landed on the tree of Being(kaballah-tree of life). it was from the Light of Muhammad that the universe was created.

loving you eye

lost all since of self

heart to heart

soul to spirit


burned in the fire of love

producing an eternal elixir

embraced by trancedental bliss

eye diappeard

all that remained



Sacred Sex is often called tantra. In Hindu and Buddhist traditions there are many levels and forms of tantra. one of these forms is called Highest Yoga Tantra. the two main divisions of sacred sex-tantra are called the right hand(white) and left hand(red) paths of tantra. Right hand sacred sex-tantra deals with the philosophical doctrines of merging the yin-yang, masculine-feminine energies inside the practitioner without the use of outward sex. these principles should-must also be studied and mastered before entering into the jade palace of left hand-red tantra. red tantra evolves sacred sex between two partners. during red tantra, there are three main techniques that are employed: creative visualization, pranayama( breathing techniques), and mantra(sacred word power). these 3 techniques put together, and practiced over time, can produce an internal orgasm and ultimately oneness with GOD!

In Islam the outward representation of the unification of the Divine masculine(spirit) and feminine(soul) principals is the KABA in Mecca. The kaba of man is the heart. In essence, the Self realization of God, marriage of the soul and spirit, takes place in the Heart. The sufi path is a journey that takes place on the plane of the soul. The entire journey is a journey of soul transformation. In Arabic the word for soul is (nafs). The word nafs in arabic is feminine. the sufi journey is of a feminine nature. The spirit in Arabic is called (ruh). Ruh in Arabic is a masculine word. The soul plane nafs is feminine. The spirit plane ruh is masculine. The prophet Muhammad said that “marriage is half of Islam.” This statement has a profound esoteric meaning for the sufi. The goal of the sufi is to reach a unified internal state where the (soul-nafs- feminine) is married to the (ruh-spirit-masculine). In sacred sex, a union takes place between the female principal(soul- woman), and the male principal(spirit-man). during sacred sex, the two lovers lose their false since of self(i-ego) and merge into ONENESS with GOD.

living in the light of love- sufi ananda- student of red and white tantra………..