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787. . .Letters of Light




Immortal time traveler

Upon Light

Before day there was


Out of the darkness came

The Light

Mystic inner-sperience

With the name of


Yod He Ho Va







Christ Is

You Are

The Word made Flesh

Divine Flesh

God Body

Light Body

Divine Light

That Illuminates All

Manifest as All

Inner infinite dimensions

Beyond space and time

Oneness prevails

Behind the Veil

All Hail

The King/dom

has come

One Light exist

Has being

The substratum

Of every atom

Protons, neutrons, and electrons

Are All photons

Photo equals Light

Emissions of


Still mind state

Inner sound vibrate


Alchemy of inner

Earth, fire, water air, ether


Spirit bright


The Sun behind the Son

Eye and my Father are One

Let there Be Light

Traveling at the speed of Light, the lower self, becomes the True Self.

This is a journey of Light. On the plane of Light, the soul must travel through 70,000 veils of Light, to return to oneness with its divine source, The Light. Before creation there was only Light. This Light wanted to be known. This Light polarized Itself, to see it Self. You are not only made in the image of God, You are God, manifest in human form, to see and know Itself, The Light. After creation there is Only God, Light. Man/woman is the mirror image of the Light of God in perfect manifestation. On earth as it is in heaven. On earth(physical plane/body/you) as it is in heaven(spiritual plane/spirit/God). As above(God), so below(You). What is In God is in you. God is the Light of the heavens and the earth. His Light manifest in a Lamp made neither of the east or the west. You are the God above, beyond duality, existing below, in a time continuum, returning back to God, Light true Divine Self.

All Is Light. Nothing exist but Light. Light is energy. E=mc2. Matter multiplied by the speed of Light squared turns back into Energy. This means that God-Light-Energy exist in multiple states vibrating at different rates. One example of this is ice, water steam. When the vibratory rate of water is heated(speeds up) in turns into steam. When the vibratory rate of water is slowed down it turns into ice. Just as ice and steam are One in essence, God and man are One in essence. God is Light. When light shines through a prism it produces seven different rays or colors. Each color is a different vibration of the One Light. The universe, uni meaning One, is verse meaning different. The universe is diverse Manifestations of the One Light/God in many forms.

Immortal time traveler

Eye am an immortal being having a human experience. The soul is immortal. It is traveling through “time” back to its source, God. The soul of all creation is God. In fact, creation is an in-accurate word for the universe. The universe in the manifestation of God, not the creation of God. Creation implies a subtle hint of separation from the Creator, supreme Source. Manifestation implies a Oneness with the source of Manifestation. The soul, true self, is a Manifestation of the Divine Light of God, inhabiting the heart. The soul is the immortal time traveler, traveling from Light, to light, back to The Light. We have all come from LIGHT. We are all beings of Light, Just as sun rays are not separate from the sun, the soul it not separate from God.

Light upon Light

Everything we see as physical, is actuality a manifestation of Light. Light upon Light. God is Light. The spirit is Light. The soul is Light. The universe/4th dimension is Light. According to the laws of physics, light slowed down creates matter. God is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The Light form of God manifested Itself as the Omnipresent Spirit. When this Light form slows down Its vibration it creates the plane of the soul. Why does a person point to their heart when you ask them to point to their self? It is because when God, the omnipresent spirit, individualized Itself on the plane of the soul, and became localized in the heart, it created a false since of individual self, because of its Divine decent into a time space continuum/consciousness.

The Light of Consciousness

In a state of Enlightenment, Consciousness is not localized in the body. Consciousness is experienced as omnipresent awareness. This omnipresent awareness is called the mind of God. The mind of God is all knowing, omnipresent Self awareness of truth and bliss. Our consciousness is the individualization of the Divine Mind of God localized in the body. At the time of birth this Divine Mind, goes to “sleep” and starts to identify with the body, 5 senses and the physical plane, forgetting its all knowing, omnipresent True nature. Over time the true Identity of the self as Divine Light/omnipresent consciousness is totally lost and forgotten. The path of awakening is a path of remembering the true nature of individualized consciousness, thus giving birth to the concept of the Self being God. This birth is seen as the virgin birth of Divine consciousness.

In the beginning was the Word 

The highest esoteric truth is hidden in the these two verses: John 1:1 and John 1:14.

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1:14 And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us.

Eye and my Father are One

Divine Consciousness


the only begotten Son

Alpha and Omega

Self Savior

Word made flesh

from eternal Light quest

I Am That I Am

that existed before time


was the Word

sacred mantra chanted

inside the temple of the heart

made the word become flesh

Eye ate the name of God and become


The Word

became flesh

ALL forms

and dwelt among us

From Sound

the Word of God came

God dwelt among us

became us

in essence and form

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Before time, in the beginning-less beginning, was the SOUND/Vibration. This SOUND had no name. It was formless. This SOUND existed in a pristine state ALONE. The essence of God, the Absolute, is transcendent, existing without attributes or qualities. The first manifestation of God, from God’s state of transcendence, to this universe/4th dimension was SOUND. Sound(word) was God, and existed as God, with God. The Word(God) became flesh, and dwelt among us. From Sound, the Word of God, came ALL forms/flesh/matter. God dwelt among us, became us, in essence and form.

Butterfly Theory

Om Ah hung

yod he ho va

Om namaya Shivayah

La ee la ha ill Allah

Allah Hu

ya Hu



Butterfly Theory

if you blink, you will miss it

am eye a sufi dreaming eye am a butterfly


am eye a butterfly dreaming eye am a sufi

existing but not existing

yes and no at the same time

a paradox

imagine God not BEing God

impossible impossibility

man suffers from senility

spiritual agility

inconceivable spiritual ability

spirit OMNI-present

yet existing in the present

soul plane vibrates slower

eye am you are

the All know-er


eye guess this

may come as a surprise to you

living in total darkness


without a clue

to the real U


never born

before the womb

existing eternally

after the tomb

eye traveled between the space of sound

to a spiritual void

no time

no space




the space beyond space

eternal blackness


yes eye

vividly REmember

the space between the inhale and the exhale


the drop contains the Ocean

the wave returns to the Ocean

butterfly theory

En-LIGHT-n state of awareness


shadow-less Light form

from billions of years ago

in the blink of an eye

50,000 thousand years pass

less than an hour in a day to God

mind reverse mind stop

walls tumble

time and space crumble

walk like drunk monk

intoxicated stumble

ancient arabic hebrew sanskrit mantra mumble

vibrate like bumble

bees wings

brought back to earth

by the sting

when the witness

beheld the Witness

the only thing eye could do

was laugh


Butterfly Theory

From Behind the veil

eye ate of the tree of immortality

at see drat tul mun ta ha

70,000 veils dropped

and eye was face to face with GOD

what has brought you here SHE said?

There was a time when eye wanted to experience God, to taste the reality of Divine Oneness, to feel the experience of death before death, to know the reality of: Self, Universe, God! After the experience eye now know beyond the shadow of a doubt that all is an illusion. GOD IS THE ONLY REALITY. Life is based on false hopes and dreams that we learned from a society that is not  aware of the true reality of God.

how could it be that

1000 years pass in the blink of an eye

when the mind stops time stops the illusion stops

behind the veil

eye drank a glass of wine with GOD

we laughed and talked about old times

as if we were old high school friends

the sufi path of intoxication is not ment for all my friend

you are lucky to have come this far SHE said

From behind the veil eye see all as ONE. There is no duality. There is only one BEing that IS real. That BEing is called God, Allah, Brahman, Shiva, Amun Ra, Yahweh and many other names. This BEING is the essence of all that exist. This BEing is your true SELF.

from behind the veil

eye awoke and it was all empty

la ee la ha ill Allah

God is the only reality

from behind the veil

eye traveled to the lote tree

were Muhammad was said to be face to face with God

when eye looked behind the veil

all eye saw was


Light upon Light

Know Thy Self

Know Thy Self. The true nature of Self is Sat(truth), Chi(consciousness), Ananda(bliss). the most important question a seeker can ask is “Who am I?” When Moses asked God His/Her Name the answer came back “I Am that I Am.” This is the answer to the question Who am I. I am that I Am is God saying “I Am the state of awareness, the state of I Am, that exist in you as You.” The I Am consciousness that exists in all Beings is God, the true Self. The fact that we can say the words “I Am” proves our identity with God. The very consciousness of I Am/Being/Existence is GOD. The sufis say “God is, and nothing exist but God.”
In Sanskrit the word “Atman” means soul. When the Atman (soul) is purified, the self regains awareness/consciousness of its ONENESS with the non-dual Atman(Spirit-God). The sufi way is purification of the soul. Even though a rope may be mistaken for a snake, its true identity was always a rope! The illustrious Buddha taught that “ignorance is the root cause of all suffering.” True knowledge of Self is true knowledge of God.

Memories of the future

Memories of the future

bring back visions of the past

eye exist in the ever present NOW

there is no spoon

prophets angels and ethereal beings

appear in my awakened dreams

in deep meditation

a window opened between


Oneness is all that exist


beyond the individual “i”

lies a wide open sky

where there is no “u” and “i”

transcendental experiences with the Divine

caused by intense internal alchemy

beyond time

and duality

removed conscious lines

of separation

resulting in crystallization

of Being

seeing my astral body project

caused 3rd eye to reflect

consciousness to introspect

inner realms of Light

intoxicated by bliss

sat chi ananda sacredness

soul and spirit kiss

mystic vibrations raised

elevation of the mystic sage

wings of lavender made

images appear in 3d

could not figure out

if what eye saw

was God




memories of the future


eye will never die

butterflies were not always butterflies

society lied

metaphysical principles applied

caused illusion to slide

internal shift view drift

inside the labyrinth

of Self

standing still

inside the eye of time


lost God-self find

covered by false teaching of birth and death

soul tears wept

upon seeing the ALL

beyond the lotus tree

7 circles of LIGHT

rotate harmoniously

simplicity perceived as complexity

ONENESS of the Epiphany

erased lifetimes of samskaras

awakening the Avatar…

memories of the future


From this day forward know that the true Self is God! The worst slavery in the world is the false teaching that God is outside of Self. May this wisdom of Self Knowledge rid us all of this poison, and be an aid to Self-God Realization. Non Dual Advaita is the science of God based on ONEness. Advaita does not see duality between man and God. One of the founders of this school of philosophy was Sri Sankara. A Hindu proverb says that “knowledge is a benefit to people, and Sri Sankara was a benefit to knowledge.” Sri Sankara’s thought was revolutionary in the time period that he came. Hinduism has 108 deities. Sri Sankara clarified the understanding that all of the Deities that the Hindus worship are manifestations of the ONE Supreme Brahman. Just as in Islam we worship Allah who has 99 attributes. In Hinduism Brahman has 108 attributes, that are worshiped as individual Deities. The 7 principles for Self realization are explained in Sri Sankaras short text “Aparokshanubhuti-Self Realization.” This text serves as a summary, and introduction to my favorite philosophy, Non Dual Advaita. In reality, the 7 principles are qualities that a seeker must have to take the journey to Self Realization.

The first principle is indifference. Indifference means that the seeker should have no attraction to the material things of this world. The example in the text given is that the things of this world should be viewed on the same level as cow dung. Pure indifference means that the seeker is not even interested in the rewards and blessing one may receive from the Creator in another life time or heaven. Ckeikh Abdul Qadir Jilani alluded to this level of pure indifference when he said “sufism is two steps, a step out of this world into heaven, and a step out of heaven into the Divine Presence.”

The second principle is discrimination. Discrimination is having the knowledge to know the difference between what is Real, and what is illusion.  In Buddhist dharma, this is almost the same as the concept of impermanence, which says that all things in the universe are impermanent, and therefor have no real existence. Discrimination is the ability to know/see God as the only reality, and untimely to see and know that the Self is God. One of Sri Sankara’s famous teachings is that “a rope may be mistaken for a snake, but upon finding out that it is a rope, the false existence of the snake disappears.” In his philosophy, the universe and the false self, ego, are represented by the snake. Upon Self realization the Self, God, and the universe are seen as ONE and the same Being, Brahman.

The third principle is abandonment of desires. In the text Sri Sankara says that this means turning away completely from all sense objects. It is previous impressions laying dormant in the mind as well as the contact of the mind with external objects that creates desires. To abandon these desires the mind must become disassociated with the two main causes of desire by purification and meditation. Impressions laying dormant in the mind can be purified  and removed by the use of sufi zikr or sacred mantras from Hinduism and/or Buddhism. Meditation, and the development of focusing the mind on the Divine, through developing one pointed-ness of the mind, remove the mind from contact with sense objects.

The fourth principle is endurance of all sorrow and pain. One sufi master from our sufi order, Cheikh Ibra Fall used to say “the harder the better.” Our beloved prophet Muhammad(peace be upon Him) has said “if you love Allah, prepare for trials.” In the Holy Quran Allah says ” I test those who try to come close to me. Do not think that you can come close to Me without being tried like those who came before you.” The sufi way is patience during test and trials, and thankfulness  during times of affluence and blessing. From the viewpoint of Non Dual Advaita test and trials are the same as affluence and abundance.

The fifth principle is implicit faith in the words of the Holy scriptures and teachers(Gurus or Cheikhs). It is said in the sufi way “if you doubt you are out.” The seeker must have faith in the teacher, and the method he/she is teaching for Self Realization. The first level of faith is belief. The seeker must believe in the words of the scriptures and the teacher. The seeker must travel from the level of belief, to the level of certainty. It is at the level of certainty that the fruits of the path come to fruition. In this faith principle we find the subtle implication that the scriptures alone are NOT enough for Self Realization. One must find a Self Realized spiritual guide to help guide them on the path.

The sixth principle is concentration of the mind on God, the ONLY Reality. This principle is the end result of Realization. The mind of a Self Realized being is absorbed in God. The mind of a Self Realized being does not see any existence other than God. In the sufi way one of the main mantras/zikr is LA EE LA HA ILL ALLAH. The esoteric meaning of this zikr is God is the only Reality. Constant repetition of this zikr is one way to bring the mind to absorption in God.

The seventh principle is burning desire in the heart for God. This burning desire in the heart for God is the ONLY desire that a seeker should have. This burning desire is a flame in the heart that burns all and everything, leaving only the presence of God. This burning desire for God is a flame that has the power to burn the negative karma of a seeker, opening the way for the seeker to reach Self Realization. Once while sitting with our beloved master Cheikh Betcio in Senegal he said ” I can do anything for a disciple on the path, but if the disciple does not have the internal desire to reach God, there is nothing I can do for him.”

These are the 7 requirements that a seeker must have to journey on the path. Before Sri Sankara starts his explanation he says “only the pure at heart” should meditate on theses teachings. So in essence the 1st and most important unstated principle is having a pure heart. In the Holy Quran Allah says “he indeed succeeds who purifies it.” It, refers to the heart.

The One


Verse- Multiple

Multiple manifestation of the


infinite oneness without duality

awaken to transcendental reality

from God the One

the Uni-verse manifest

EYE was a hidden treasure that wanted to Be known


Om Sat Chi Ananda!!! What you see is NOT what you get. Concepts of duality built on a 100% false belief system. Upon finding out that what you perceived to be a snake was actually a rope, did the snake ever exist??? Maya(the force of covering) in this 3rd dimension, causes the mind to think/believe in a concept of duality, the idea that You exist separate from God. Is the water in the cup taken from the Ocean different from the Ocean? That is the case with you and God. The spirit, God, is omnipresent. When the spirit, God, becomes localized in the body it is called the soul. YOU ARE NOT YOUR: mind, body, emotions, thoughts or false personality. YOU are the water (soul) taken from the Ocean-God localized in the the body-heart.

Self-God realization is the process of knowing/waking up to your TRUE Self, identity as BEing One with God. On the sufi path we use the WORD/zikr/mantra LA EE LA HA ILL ALLAH which means, God is the only Reality. The universe that we see with the 2 physical eyes, is actually the multiple manifestation of the Light and Sound of God, the One-Al Ahad.

The mystery of 3 arabic seed syllable mantras, words of Light: HU, HA, HE. Hu is the arabic pronoun for God that is gender-less and without form.  HU is the transcendental essence of God that is beyond duality. The 1st manifestation of the HU is the HA. Ha is the feminine essence of God manifest on this physical plane.  From the HA came HE. He is the masculine principle of Divinity manifest on the physical plane. The Hu, God, wanted to be known, so when God created the UNI-verse, God polarized His essence Hu, that was transcendental, giving birth to an infinite number of yin/yang feminine and masculine principals that we call the Uni-verse. ALL IS Hu, Ha, He – God, knowing, Being the One existing reality without a second.

Al Ahad – The One


Of the mysteries of

The Light

Written in 2015 by Cheikh Sufi



786. . . Walking in the Rain (Mercy Of Allah)



Your lifestyle of praying all day is not enough for me. We are un-evenly yoked. Yes but its time for me to go live with my family.

Walking in The Rain

in my life pain has been the greatest catalyst for spiritual growth and openings of the unseen mysteries of God. Now eye overStand what our beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him meant when He said “Allah is with the broken hearted.”

A man at the gas station selling dvds and cds holds up his beer and says

Im selling cds and dvds my man

Then he literally stops and says

You know u had too much to drink when u hold up your beer thinking u are holding up a dvd

all this took place today as eye was

Walking in The Rain

Allah protects fools and babies

so eye must be a fool to think

eye could find unconditional love

we all herd the song

no romance without finance

got to have a j-o-b

well my occupation is praying and chanting all day

does not bring in the money

but it has the best retirement plan

so now eye will

start again from square 1

me- my name is sufi

her- my name is heartbreak

me= what the fuck

eye been down this road b-4

Walking in The Rain

a cocaine addict just wants to get high

eye dont do cocaine

so eye walks in da Rain

well today eye was walking for about 45 min to an hour

nice cool Rain shower in Birmingham today

now that we come to the end of the road

today that song has a new meaning

this too shall pass

Walking in The Rain

attachment is the root cause of all suffering

so eye AM non attached to ANYthing in the 3rd dimension related to the 5 elements

Emptyness is form and form is emptyness

all that we see is empty

mind creates reality

if u want the things u see to change

change the way u see things

99% percent of all problems only exist in the mind

if eye hold up my right hand

its on your left side

perception is deception

thats why its not easy for two people to see eye to eye

my left eye is looking at your right eye

thats why

Islam is the middle path

the mystics say

learn to laugh when others cry and cry when others laugh

today there was only one set of footprints in The Rain

and its ok because TODAY

eye Walked in The Rain with



Live Learn Laugh Love

Cheikh Sufi – the last water bender

786. . . Belief in God is an obstacle to knowing God!

God is real. God is here now, but we are not. We are lost in the past and future world of the mind. We are lost in a world of illusion and separation. We are lost in ideas, opinions, concepts and beliefs including spiritual and religious concepts and beliefs. If we want to experience the […]

via Leonard Jacobson: Belief in God is an Obstacle to Knowing God — Evolutionary_Mystic Post

786. . . Waves of Bliss !!!



Om Ah Hung

Speech Body Mind

Become One



Nafs howa dunya shatan

Lower self, desires, materialism, devil

Beings made of smokeless fire

Influence visions of the righteous

In-spite this


Rise like the phoenix

Return of the amaphyst dragon

Jewel pill

Made from 1008 ayurvedic medicinal plants

Deer totem animal cross

Salatul Fati 174x

Ya Fatahu exactly


= Abundance Now

Surah of Divine Unity


= Purity of the Angels

This is from Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba

Jibril Mikael Azrael Israfil

Pranayama Maha Mantra

15 of Shaban

100 rakat salat make

With Bawa Muhayadeen

Ya Rahman Ya Raheem


Merrily merrily merrily

Life is but a dream

Flow upstream

Internal combustion

Creates steam

For soul ascension

Deep stream

Of consciousness


Adjust to 7 dimensional shift

Ibn Arabi

Path of the true wish

Soul receive

Bestowal of Divine Gift

Resulting in



Waves of


786...die in the Ocean of Love- the life of a sufi

love and light

– Cheikh Salihu Sufi

786… Enlightened Heart- message from Osifu


Messages from 〇sifu

Profoundly Enlightened Heart

May 24th, 2010

Profoundly enlightened heart functions naturally.Cultivate mind or not, you have it all the same.Cultivate mind or not, you still have the Buddha nature.As for seeing original nature, everybody can see it at every time and everywhere.As for realizing true heart, everybody can realize it at every time and everywhere.It’s not so difficult to realize true heart and original nature, but recognized it at the NOW is difficult.It’s not so difficult to realize true heart and original nature, but direct attainment of Bodhi is difficult.It’s not so difficult to realize true heart and original nature, but cutting off ignorance is difficult.It’s not so difficult to realize true heart and original nature, but diligently getting rid of vices or bad habits is difficult.It’s not so difficult to realize true heart and original nature, but guiding by higher self is difficult.It’s not so difficult to realize true heart and original nature, but no desires or pursuit for personal benefits is difficult.It’s not so difficult to realize true heart and original nature, but no contenting or fighting is difficult.It’s not so difficult to realize true heart and original nature, but no differentiating is difficult.It’s not so difficult to realize true heart and original nature, but pure and ease is difficult.It’s not so difficult to realize true heart and original nature, but complete enlightenment is difficult.It’s not so difficult to realize true heart and original nature, but benefitting others as well as oneself is difficult.It’s not so difficult to realize true heart and original nature, but rescuing others as well as oneself is difficult.It’s not so difficult to realize true heart and original nature, but enlighten others as well as himself is difficult.It’s not so difficult to realize true heart and original nature, but perfect enlightenment and accomplishment is difficult.Wearing and eating is the manifestation of profoundly enlightened heart, and the awakening of Buddha nature.Moving fire woods and carrying water is the manifestation of profoundly enlightened heart, and the awakening of Buddha nature.Every movement is the manifestation of profoundly enlightened heart, and the awakening of Buddha nature.One frown and one smile are the manifestation of profoundly enlightened heart, and the awakening of Buddha nature.Annoyance and Bodhi is the manifestation of profoundly enlightened heart, and the awakening of Buddha nature.The boundless universe is the manifestation of profoundly enlightened heart, and the awakening of Buddha nature.All laws and all things are the manifestation of profoundly enlightened heart, and the awakening of Buddha nature.All sentient and non-sentient beings are the manifestation of profoundly enlightened heart, and the awakening of Buddha nature.The profoundly enlightened heart is invisible.The great Buddha nature is invisible.The profoundly enlightened heart is soundless.The great Buddha nature is soundless.The real Buddha nature is profoundly enlightened.The profoundly enlightened Buddha nature is real heart.The profoundly enlightened heart shows all appearances.The great Buddha nature shows all images.The profoundly enlightened heart shows all sound.The great Buddha nature shows all voices.


// photo

Yoga Heart Sutra

Woman in a toe squat yoga posture with a hand mudra near her heart. “The hrid is where left merges with right, above with below, front with back, inhale with exhale, outer with inner, female with male, strength with receptivity, where heaven meets earth and spirit takes form. It has a specific location as source of body and mind, but is felt only in and as the body’s Life-given relatedness and natural state. This sutra is a ‘thread’ that weaves together these considerations of the Heart.”  HRIDAYAYOGASUTRA

The profoundly enlightened heart shows boundless light.The great Buddha nature shows all kinds of hearts.Sentient beings are Upside-down.Sentient beings are infatuated.Sentient beings are transmigrating.Sentient beings! You cling to delusion and downfall. Why not seek freedom?Sentient beings! You think yourselves smart. Why not pursue cosmic principles?Sentient beings! You do harm to yourselves and others. Why not attain Bodhi?Buddha Dharma is wisdom, not superstition.The barrier on the spiritual journey is caused by self-bondage.No self-bondage, no barrier.It is like great waves sweeping away sand and gold.There are numerous challenges.Gold lotus is born in burning fire.Cultivating mind is the first priority.Spiritual level is up to pure mind.It is bliss for cultivating true self under the help of false self.The pure light of jade is turning up with cutting and rubbing.It’s like the precious pearl in saint’s arms.Although we stay in this chaotic world, the mind is always undisturbed.

2010-05-24 〇师父开示

妙 明真心 是自然显发的。修不修,你都有 妙明真心。修不修,你都有佛性。若说见性,人人时时处处能见。若说明心,人人时时处处能明。明心见性不难,当下承当不易。明心见性不难,直取菩提不易 。明心见性不难,破除无明不易。明心见性不难,勤除习气不易。明心见性不难,无我无为不易。明心见性不难,无欲无求不易。明心见性不难,无争无斗不易 。明心见性不难,心无分别不易。明心见性不难,清净自在不易。明心见性不难,正等正觉不易。明心见性不难,利己利人不易。明心见性不难,自度度他不易 。明心见性不难,自觉觉他不易。明心见性不难,觉行圆满不易。穿衣吃饭 是妙明真心显发、是佛性启用。搬柴运水 是妙明真心显发、是佛性启用。举手投足 是妙明真心显发、是佛性启用。一颦一笑 是妙明真心显发、是佛性启用。烦恼菩提 是妙明真心显发、是佛性启用。宇宙大千 是妙明真心显发、是佛性启用。万法万有 是妙明真心显发、是佛性启用。有情无情 是妙明真心显发、是佛性启用。妙明真心本无形,大哉佛性本无影。妙明真心本无声,大哉佛性本无音。真心佛性本妙明,妙明佛性本真心。妙明真心显万形, 大哉佛性显万影。妙明真心显万声,大哉佛性显万音。真心佛性显万明,妙明佛性显万心。佛是狮子王。佛子就是狮儿。狮儿也能大哮吼佛子是大丈夫!佛子是 顶天立地!佛子是大无畏!佛子志高云天!佛子出淤泥而不染!佛子逆水行船!佛子自在心安!佛子赤足步健!佛子赤手救难!佛子净口善言!佛子净意归原! 佛子净身圣显!顺应了宇宙规律、自然法则、人体运行规律,你就会尝到一点甜头儿违背了宇宙规律、自然法则、人体运行规律,你就会尝受到足够的惩罚宇宙 是无我的、无私的、无言的自然是无我的、无私的、无言的人体是无我的、无私的、无言的学道、修道、悟道、证道、行道、合道。学法、修法、悟法、证法、 行法、合法。学规律、修规律、悟规律、证规律、行规律、合规律。学法则、修法则、悟法则、证法则、行法则、合法则。今天,讲了些 看似 很新,实则 很老套东西。说她新,是因为 说法新颖。说她老,是因为 一直这样。一切问题的根源在于:违背了宇宙规律;违背了自然法则;违背了人体运行规律。解决一切问题的办法在于:顺应宇宙规律;顺应自然法则;顺应人 体运行规律。在 宇宙规律面前,没有了宗教色彩;在 自然法则面前,没有了种族色彩;在 人体运行规律面前,没有了门派色彩。宇宙规律,没有任何色彩;自然法则,没有任何色彩;人体运行规律,没有任何色彩。有人问宇宙间谁最大?〇sifu 会回答:宇宙规律最大。有人问自然界谁最大?〇sifu会回答:自然法则最大。有人问人体什么最大?〇sifu会回答:人体运行规律最大。还有比回归 本元更重要的事吗?还有比出离轮回更重要的事吗?还有比究竟解脱更重要的事吗?还有比自在无碍更重要的事吗?众生颠倒颠倒众生众生痴迷痴迷众生轮回众 生众生呀众生,不求出离,妄执沉沦;众生呀众生,不求正法,自作聪明;众生呀众生,不求菩提,害己害人;学佛 是 智信,不是迷信。障碍 因为执著,不执著 就一切无碍。修行路上 是 大浪淘沙 浪里淘金呀!重重考验烈火之中生金莲道心退转,执著五欲六尘 也是有的。实则 修行和工作、生活并不矛盾;反而可以相得益彰。愈挫愈勇愈磨愈坚一切顺其自然不著相 不动心修心最第一心有多净层次就有多高借假修真苦是福,如琢如磨玉光出。犹若圣人怀中珠,身在浊世心如如。