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786…Sufi Meditation Technique


1st and 2nd level Sufi meditation technique for only 2.99$

available at

There are many forms of sufi meditation. This technique we are teaching is normally only for SEEKERS who are initiated in the sufi way.

This technique has 3 Levels. The first 2 levels are being made public for the first time!!!

The 1st level is for peace of mind, stress elimination and the removal of negative karma.

The 2nd level has the same and MORE effects as the 1st level.

The 2nd level of this techniques teaches a creative visualization method(that has never been made public) with the zikr/matra/sacred seed syllables that purifies the mind, heart and 7 chakras.

If practiced over long periods of time this technique has the ability to purify the SOUL!

This Sufi meditation technique may BE just what you need to help you advance to deeper levels of inner peace and serenity in your daily life.

The techniques is available at our website for only 2.99$

After 6 months to a year of this practice, serious seekers may ask for the third level of the system which is given FREELY to all sincere seekers.

Love Light Abundance to all……. sufi ananda