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786…life: as it happens

sufi OM sat chi ananda

sufi OM sat chi ananda— on my way to work this morning…

life: as it happens is Beautiful. there is soo much beauty all around us. if we could just STOP, or even sloooow down. we could see and feel the beauty of life AS IT HAPPENS. a smile from a stranger is beauty. today on the subway, eye saw a sister dressed in full islamic dress. all you could see was her eyes. but what bag was she carrying??????? she had an over sized Victoria Secret bag!!! to me, the contrast of this was pure BEAUTY. eye was walking to the trolley, and eye do live in the hood, as eye passed the free health clinic, an elderly woman looked at me in amazement and asked “are you a Buddhist?” when eye looked at her, smiled, and said “yes” the biggest smile appeared on her face!!! even though she only had about 6 teeth, be nice, all eye could see was BEAUTY…my aura is so peaceful that people often think that eye am a Buddist (and eye AM) Om mani pad me Hung! islam has been given such a bad rap that it is not associated with peace anymore. once, in phily, eye was walking past a muslim brother with my prayer beads. guess what he said to me??? ” peace my brother, we have prayer beads in islam too.” LMAO…that was amazing…eye just smiled and said could you please tell me a little about islam? life as it happens is beautiful.


as it happens



life is



a smile from a stranger

the book of life

has wisdom

for those who


slow down

to turn the pages

not rushing by

without ever




the illustrious Buddha said ” every instant is a chance for ENLIGHTENMENT.” eye often ask myself, if eye do like the Buddha did, and just stop, go sit under a tree and meditate, will eye too reach Nirvana?in islam we have five daily prayers. each prayer is spread out during the course of the day, from befor sunrise, to just before going to sleep. imagine if you did tai chi, yoga, or meditated 5x a day? would you be at peace? this is what the 5 daily prayers does for a sufi. the salat (islamic prayer) is a form of yoga(union with the Divine). all of the positions in salat can be found in the yoga postures by different names. the positions are also found in the hieroglyphics of the pyramids!!! our beloved prophet Muhammad(alay he salam) once asked his companions “if you took a bath in a river in front of your house five times a day, would your outside be clean?” they all said yes. then the prophet said “this is what prayer 5x a day does for the soul.”

life as it happens is Divine… in the light of LOVE…..sufi ananda