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786. . . Eye DON’T want to go to heaven !


May the Peace of Allah, your True Self, be with you. The Self Is All. All is The Self. The Divine Self manifested on this plane of duality to Know It Self. All Is One. Duality is an illusion created by the mind and the false since of “i”. There is no “i” separate from Allah. “Hu am I.” Allah is Allah. Allah is All. The only Reality that exists is One. This One is your True Self. Wake up from the dream of a false since of separateness from the Divine. If you do not find Allah in your Self, you will never find Allah. If you do not Know Allah as your True Self, you will never Know Allah. Allah/God/Brahman/Yahweh are all names of your True Self. Die before you die, the way of the sufi…

When you melt, dissolving in the Unity Ocean of Allah Almighty then you may understand the meaning of “Fani-Fillah” (Annihilation in Allah). When you abandon your position as a being in existence, when you become as a drop of rain falling from the sky and are immersed, united in that Ocean of Divine Unity, then no one can ask where that drop has gone: the drop became an Ocean.”— beloved Maulana Cheikh Nazim- sultan ul Awlia


Once when eye was sitting with my Cheikh in Senegal, i looked at him and said “Cheikh Betcio, eye don’t want to go to heaven.” My beloved Cheikh looked at me and said, “I don’t want to go either.” Then he went on to explain the Divine Proximity of Allah, which he explained, is Beyond Heaven. In the Holy Quran in Surah Waqia Allah describes three groups in the next life/world: the people on the left, the people on the right, and the foremost. It is this group, the foremost, that the sufi tries to be with, in the Divine Proximity of Allah.

It was the great sufi Cheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani who said, ” i studied the heavens and found a flaw in heaven. Heaven is not eternal. It was at this point that i turned my face towards that which is eternal, Allah.” He, may Allah grant him more Light from Nur Muhammad (alay hi salam) also said “sufism is two steps, one step out of this world into the next world/heaven, and one step out of the next world/heaven into the Divine Presence.” My cheikh said that the difference between the Divine Presence and heaven is greater than the difference between heaven and hell…heaven is the hell of the sufi. Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba said, “heaven is for my lazy disciple.”

786...Only Breath - Rumi

May we all seek for the Divine Presence . . . love and light – sufi

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786…Non Dual Advaita Tantric Alchemist

786… only Allah 

EYE only believe in Allah

The all AH

All Breath

Nothing else


Illusions of duality cloud the mind state


To elevate

Changing the vibratory rate


Of Self Realization

Conscious Oneness

Is ALL that exists






Breathing life from beyond the astral plane

My master is a doctor

Of the heart chakra

My state is more intoxicated than a ghetto wino


Eternal BLISS

EYE will live forever

Like a Taoist


What brings rain snow hail sleet and earthquakes? Non-dual Advaita tassawuf destroys fakes, who perpetrate. Set the record straight. Allah builds and destroys on the high science of eight. I MANIFEST infinity, how simple can it be. The G-O-D, LIVES N-SIDE U & ME. Let the 3rd eye C. Self C Self, the Self is ALL. All Ah. All breath. i, u r, we are only 1 breath away from ALLAH so BREATHE deeply. Easily i approach, Self Realization, the station of no station. and u ask me if i am God? Lmao, as the lower self is crucified on the cross, of duality. Self exists before time and space. All matter is made of atoms, atoms consist of photons which are particles of LIGHT, so the man/woman in the mirror is not who he/she perceives himself/herself to be…Allah is Light, all is LIGHT, U R THAT…Tat Va Sat. Primordial Being, the ALL, having a hu-man experience. HU is an ancient name for ALLAH. So Hu R U? Hu-man Being. Allah Being Man/woman.

From light to light, darkness is an illusion cast on the screen of the mind. U r the actor and the author of the play called life, so enjoy the movie that only exists in your mind. Wake up from the dream to find: you are God. Looking for love in all the wrong places. Love is God, so in fact we are all looking for God. God plays hide and seek with Himself. Hiding behind the veil of you. Waiting for us to take off the mask of false self-created by an insane society in the west that teaches that God died on a cross????? WTF… i will live for ever. Eternal I. I Am That I Am. Being Eternal how could ALLAH ever die? False lies about having a birthday? U were never born. So how could u ever die? U r the Eternal Light of Allah, inhabiting a house called the physical body, trapped inside a maze of illusion called your thoughts. REMEMBER REMEMBER REMEMBER. HU U ARE…Say Allah’s name until you Become that, which u all-READY ARE, R, r, are…. love and light—sufi

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