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786…tears of God- a letter to a friend


existence is pain

separation is torture

we burn on the inside for Union

the lover cries for the kiss of the Beloved

all else is illusion

only the Beloved is real

tears created from fire

how could this be

the one that eye cry for

is also shedding tears for me

salam wa nur, mystic traveler on this path of Love and Light!! never lose your flame. there is so much more eye could say about this. sometimes no sign of the Beloveds face is better than a sign. without the sign, the flames continue to rise and burn all that “u” think yourself to be. when the signs start to come, sometimes it causes the seeker to want to take a rest, but this is not good because the journey is infinite…. keep the fire burning…

this is an age old tale we tell of lover and Beloved. Allah knows what u are going through. with the help of your master you will have an opening. All will be made clear to you. the most important thing on this path is LOVE LOVE LOVE…5 yrs is enough time to plant the seed. the seed will blosom and bloom with love love love and tears from the heart.

“surely Allah is with the broken hearted.” Nabi Muhammad sala la hu aly he wa salem….

— sufi ananda