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786…HU, other than You ?

Love is a flame in the heart

that burns everything





eye dream of You

thoughts of You set my heart a blaze

words cant express the flames of Love inside

eye died in the flames

Your kiss is the kiss of death

your touch is like kryptonite

none can live after Loving You

there is no life without You

eye came from You

eye worship You

You are all and everything

eye see only You

tears from the heavens

wash away attraction to the world of illusion

a glance from You burns all negative karma

attraction to know You pulls my being beyond the Malakut

interning into the world of Jabarut

eye disappear in You

leaving know trace of I

HU could love You other than You

HU could worship You other than You

HU could know You other than You

HU exist other than You




HU exist other than You? You are the All n All. Time stands still in Your presence. You are beyond time and space. Everything will cease to exist except your Face! The 1 and Only Reality is You. my existence is a mere figment of my imagination.

Only You have true Being. Only You have true Existence. All others exist as mere shadow thought forms on the screen of finite existence and you are the All Glorious Infinite ONE. You are the 1st and the Last, without any existence coming into

existence after You. Your eterniality denies the possible existence of another. Your Oneness does not allow for the existence of a 2nd. You are the Eternal ONE ONE ONE. There is no other being that exist with You. Beyond the comprehension

of this finite mind Only Love can touch the fringes of Your Bing. Only Love can smell the essence of your fragrance. Only love can pass beyond this illusion of separation. only Love can sever the connection to the 5 elements, Only Love can burn

the false since of I. Only Love can bring the lover to your Divine kingdom. Only Love can bring the lover to Your door step. Only Love, Only Love, only LOVE LOVE LOVE can sing a song that unites lover and Beloved. only Love can ease the

pain of illusory separation. Hu is worthy of love, other than You????

Hu is worthy of Love other than You

love is a mystery

You are Love itself

Love is All

the Divine trinity of Love, Lover and Beloved

form ONE Light of Love

You exist beyond time and place

the point of your manifestation is inside the heart of hearts

beyond the mundane world of illusion

You are 1

the jewel that shined in the triple state of darkness

having the true wish to be known

You manifested Your essence to see Your Self

in a form You called man

man became your place of Divine epiphany

 the effulgence of Your Being wanted to be known

this became Love

this Love was You loving Yourself

in a form that was not other than You

making the angels bow to man

You showed the secret of all secrets

prostration is only for You

Let Us make man in our image

that image is Love

that image is You

Hu other than You

is worthy of bowing to

Hu other than You


Living in the Light of Love…. sufi ananda